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Police Academy - 1984 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4105 Hey that's my green grocer. (full quote)
5561 1)Excuse me sir. I seemed to have ripped my pants. 2)You run don't walk to the supply depot and get a new pair. 1)Yes sir. I'll be back later in the day. 2)*in megaphone in 1's ear* BE BACK IN FIIIIIVE MINUTES! 1)Yes sir. *takes step away and whispers 'Shit. I'm deaf.'* (full quote)
  Proctor.....!! (full quote)
10110 DON'T MOVE, DIRTBAG!! (full quote)
10110 Hey everybody! Free TVs!! (full quote)
10053 Drop that stereo before i blow your goddam nuts off asshole (full quote)
12206 (Looking at 2 guys with crew cuts) Nice haircuts men,.....Damn good haircuts!!! (full quote)
  game OVER! (full quote)
  Son, where did you get that gun? (full quote)
  it fits.....the damn thing fits....and i thought there were no spaces...boy am i an idiot. (full quote)
Penster From now on you are 'D' squad. 'D' for dirtbags... (full quote)
  Eh Mahoney, Have you ever had a woman who just 'tro' you down, and screw your 'gawddamn' brains out? (full quote)
  Hey how ya doin mahomo (full quote)
  (At the barber shop) {1} Just a little on the sides. {2} You can do that?! {3} Yup. This ain't the army. (full quote)
slicer Move it, move it, move it, I could show a movie on your butt fatso! (full quote)