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Streets of Fire - 1984 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
272 don't call me a shit head.......I am a shit head (full quote)
272 I don't know whats worse the way you talk or the way you dress. (full quote)
272 Guys like Cody don't show there feeling, but they got them deeper then anybody. Sme guys don't show them cause they don't have any. (full quote)
272 (1)There's a girl sleeping on the couch give her some coffie in the morning would yeah. (2)Why she sleeping on the couch? (1)Why don't you go ask her that. (full quote)
272 1)well Ellen's with me now Cody's just gonna have to face the fact he's out of the picture now. 2)yeah right against a big good looking stud like you Cody don't stand a chance (full quote)
272 you know some of you cops got some real cute little asses it would be a real shame if I had to blow them off. (full quote)
  Oh, you're dumb. And you're short. Real short. (full quote)
272 u know I'm not the kinda guy who's gonna carry your guitars around for you but if u ever need me for anything I'll be there. (full quote)
10929 I can dream about you. (full quote)
  They always get guys like me for jobs like this. (full quote)
  You give him some of your money or I'll give him some of your money. (full quote)
  Try it again, punk. (full quote)
  We're gonna play a little game. You Bombers are going to like it. It's called Lights Out! (full quote)
  I can get guns. Lots of guns. (full quote)
  Sorcerer, who is the master? (full quote)
  Keep it comin'. (full quote)
  Long live rock and roll. (full quote)
jenn285 Tom Wait!! Tom Wait!!... what was I suppose to do, you just took off you didn't call you didn't even write me a letter. what did I do that was so wrong. (full quote)
jenn285 what the point of stealing a car if your not gonna rev it out. (full quote)
jenn285 You know the problem with beating the shit out you is that it would be to easy. (full quote)