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Woman in Red, The - 1984 Movie Quotes

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  Jake?! where are you?! (full quote)
  Now listen here, teddy bear. Four weeks ago, you were a cute, available, old-fashioned guy who liked horse riding. In a month you got married, you had two daughters and you can't ride a horse to save your life! (full quote)
rhps2000 Come and get it, cowboy! (full quote)
rhps2000 Forget Buddy, I want him myself. Look at those eyes, the nose the way it sparkles! (full quote)
rhps2000 #1. Does Theresa cheat on you? #2. Your asking my if my wife cheats on me? Can you believe this guy? #3. I find it hard to believe your wife sleeps with you! #2. (laughs) Teddy? Why am I laughing? (full quote)
rhps2000 #1. You have no taste. #2. Taste? what am I Charlie the Tuna? Come on, let's go to the opera and drop our pants! (full quote)