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D.A.R.Y.L. - 1985 Movie Quotes

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1212 He's just a little boy, flesh and blood. Isn't he? (full quote)
1212 Computers don't make errors, people do. (full quote)
1212 1)You know, he may not be with us for that long-- 2)Ah-ah-ah. We don't talk about that right now. 1)Okay (full quote)
1212 Amnesia's selective, which means there's always partial memory. For example, I haven't forgotten how to speak. (full quote)
1212 He irons his own new clothes, makes his own breakfast, polishes the bedroom floor. He's a better mother than I am. (full quote)
Shadrach He can't be dead! He's a robot, and robots don't die! (full quote)
  Daryl: I don't even like the game! All it is is a pecker contest between you and McKenzie! Joyce: Daryl, don't talk to Andy like that! Daryl: Kiss my ass! (full quote)
  He'll hit another one if you kiss his ass. (full quote)
  Do you know how much I despise cheaters? Do you know how long it will take for you to get back into my good graces? (full quote)
  We take this very seriously. If not, we go play something else, like washing the car. (full quote)
  He doesn't seem to need anybody. (full quote)
  Silence! That girl showed you how to do it during a test! That is cheating, that entitles me to call you a cheat. A despicable cheat! (full quote)
  I can't believe I'm hearing this! You're complaining because you've got the kind of kid most of us would trade our own in for and pay money? [to shocked husband]: Relax, Howie, I was only kidding.........about the money. (full quote)
  Joyce: O.K., Melanie, I think that's enough for today. Remember to practice those scales, huh? Melanie: Yes, Mrs Richardson. It's just that I had a lot of homework. Joyce: Of course you did, of course you did, but, gosh, I wonder if Mozart ever complained about homework? (full quote)
thereisnogod Was it a fo-ul? (full quote)
10929 We need an adult life-form who is a fearless soldier with the strength of a thousand men. (full quote)