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Explorers - 1985 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
8509 Smooth move, Ex-lax! (full quote)
Cosmic_Raider This is the Stuff Dreams are made of. (full quote)
  He's on his way to China! (full quote)
  1. Do they make out? 2. Yes, but she's got three nipples. 1. Aren't we a little close to the screen? (full quote)
  That spaceship looks so fake! (full quote)
  My brother and I used to come up here a lot. That was before he went through his 'jerk' phase. (full quote)
  You know, I had this dream. I was naked at school. I had to hide in the bathroom. It was terrible. (full quote)
  It took me four episodes of Lassie to figure out why the furry kid wouldn't speak. (full quote)
  Are you crazy you're gonna to send him to China! (full quote)
46800 Maybe it's a bunch of Amazon women that wanna breed a new race. (full quote)