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No Retreat, No Surrender - 1985 Movie Quotes

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641 So, it is you, the son. Is it not? (full quote)
  Beat it, Brucy! Go home and play with your wooden dolly! (full quote)
  what are ya, black belt? No, no I'm not. (full quote)
  I had a run-in with that guy. He did this, this, that. (full quote)
  Stick with me kids, you never go hungry. (full quote)
  That's it! From now on, the garage is off limits. (full quote)
  We'll call it your house, when you start paying the rent. (full quote)
  Eat me up? Not worry, I'm nobody's lunch. (full quote)
37449 (Nod) only this time it'll be different....Russian! (full quote)
37449 Stick with me'll never go hungry! (full quote)
37449 No, no, no...bring it over here. (full quote)
  Father: Fighting is not the answer! Jason: what is the answer!? (full quote)
  Bruce Lee: Chi!...Power!... (full quote)
  Hear that punk, she knows who's the best (full quote)
  Oh no, it's too late for that (full quote)
  Okay, okay it won't hapen again (full quote)
  Karate man I'm gonna teach you some manners... (full quote)
  Karate is not to be used aggresivley, but if i have no choice............. (full quote)