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Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment - 1985 Movie Quotes

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4210 If you show me yours, I'll show you mine! Ok, it's a T-40 replica gun from Italy. (full quote)
4210 You squashed my broccoli!!!! (full quote)
4210 Sometimes this bar never makes it to a happy hour. (full quote)
4210 Why the hell do you have glue on your head? It's my religion. (full quote)
  You're not playing with a full deck are you? Oh I dont play cards. (full quote)
9316 My mothers name was jughead (full quote)
14421 Thank you very much, I found a lot of excellent bargains here. (full quote)
14421 Mahoney, (yells) I'm a virgin! . You people go about your business before I crack some skulls! (full quote)
14421 I hope this doesn't get too akward, Sir. I already heard what you said about my little butt. (full quote)
14421 1)Now can anyone tell me how this happened! (holds up hairy hands). 2)I don't know sir, but if you don't stop you could go blind. (full quote)
1ajas Jughead?! My mother's name was Jughead! (full quote)
  VINNIE:Don't sit in the broken chair! MAHONEY:All right! I saw it! VINNIE:You want something to eat? There's some eggs on the stove. MAHONEY:No,no I'm fine,I'm fine! I'll get something later! (to himself) A tetanus shot maybe. (full quote)