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Return to Oz - 1985 Movie Quotes

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1212 No, MY ruby slippers. They just fell out of the sky one day. You were so anxious to get home. (full quote)
1212 And make sure you bring back that chicken! (full quote)
1212 1)And THAT's where we landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. 2)Wicked Witch? 1)But where are all the munchkins? 2)what are you going on about, my dear? (full quote)
  I know just the thing to cheer Dorothy up. (full quote)
4307 1. Why did they bring you here, Dorothy? 2. Because I can't sleep, and I talk about a place that I've been to, but nobody believes that it exists. (full quote)
4307 It's past one o'clock in the morning, Dorothy. (full quote)
4307 A shooting star, Toto. A shooting star! (full quote)
4307 Billina, if you don't start laying again, Aunt Em says she's gonna stew you up for supper. (full quote)
4307 1. Did I hear somebody scream earlier? 2. No. (full quote)
4307 1. Lie down. 2. I'd like to sit up, if I may. 1. What did your aunt tell you? 2. To do what you told me, Miss Wilson. 1. Then, lie down. (full quote)
4307 1. I've never left her out of my sight among strangers. 2. She's in good hands. (full quote)
4307 1. He broke his leg, Aunt Em. 2. Dorothy, that leg's mended now. It's mended. (full quote)
4307 I've never been past Franklin before. (full quote)
4307 In just two months, it will be the year 1900. A new century. The 20th century. A century of electricity. (full quote)
4307 1. Hello, Dorothy. How are you? 2. I wish I wasn't tied down. (full quote)
4307 1. Where did the rest of the water go? 2. Where did kansas go? (full quote)
4307 The clinic was hit by lightning, and it burned to the ground. Everyone was rescued, except Dr. Worley. He ran in to rescue his machines. (full quote)
4307 Some place for a chicken coop! (full quote)
4307 1. I wonder what's in this lunch pail...a ham sandwich?! 2. Glad it's not fried chicken. 1. Oh, Billina, we're back in Oz. Now, I can show you all of the people and things that nobody would believe in. (full quote)
4307 1. billina, this is our old house. The one that the tornado blew away. 2. Looks like it was a rough trip. (full quote)
4307 1. Your Majesty, they have discovered the Yellow Brick Road and are on their way to the Emerald city. 2. Good. They won't get past...Mombi. (full quote)
4307 1. 'Beware the Wheelers' 2. what's a Wheeler? 1. I don't remember them. (full quote)
4307 It's the Tin Woodsman...Oh, Tin Woodsman, what's happened to you? what's happened to everybody?...Oh, Cowardly Lion. what's happened to you? (full quote)
4307 Come here, chicken! (full quote)
4307 Well, the first thing we have to do is escape from the Wheelers. They're outside, and said that they're going to throw us into the Deadly Desert. (full quote)
4307 Lunch pail. These Wheelers can be tricky customers. (full quote)
4307 This Mombi is some housekeeper! (full quote)
4307 You run up the stairs. I'll take care of them. (full quote)
4307 If we're in Oz, Dorothy, I'd rather take my chances back in kansas. (full quote)
4307 1. Mom, is that you? 2. No, I'm Dorothy Gale. (full quote)
4307 1. You'll be sorry for treating me like this. I'm a terrible person. 2. I am only a machine, so I cannot be sorry or happy, no matter what happens. 3. Where's the Scarecrow, and what's happened to the Emerald City? 2. Answer her. 1. The Nome King...The Nome King. He took all the emeralds. He turned everyone to stone. 3. What about the Scarecrow? 1. There's only one person who knows where the Scarecrow is, and that's Princess M-m-m...Princess Mombi. 4. Princess Mombi? 3. I don't remember her. 2. Take us to Mombi. 1. Oh, let me go...Please...please...let me go. 3. All right, Tik-tok, let him go. 2. Behave yourself now. 1. I will, I'll behave. (full quote)
4307 1. Why do you have to tie me down? 2. So that you don't fall off. 1. I came all the way from a farm on a buggy, and I didn't fall off. (full quote)
4307 1. what is this, a man or a melon? 2. A pumpkin, if you please. My name's Jack. Jack Pumpkinhead. (full quote)
4307 1. where did she get all of those different...heads? 2. Did you see the headless dancing girls outside? (full quote)
4307 1. Powder of Life? 2. You sprinkle it on something, and the thing comes to life. 1. Does Mombi have any more of it? 2. If she does, it's' in Cabinet 31, with her original head. (full quote)
4307 1. But if she guesses correctly and finds out about Ozma... 2. OZMA! You haven't let her escape as wel! (full quote)
4307 Dorothy, may I call you 'Mom', even if it isn't so? (full quote)
4307 Little girls and talking hens make chickens fly the coop. (full quote)
4307 The last thing I remember is walking through the forest and hearing a loud noise. (full quote)
4307 1. what are they? 2. Wheelers. (full quote)
  1.You're beautiful, whats your name? 2.Ozma. 3.MOM! My real mom! (full quote)
  There's no use in trying to escape. Nobody remembers where you are, there's nobody left who even knows who you are (full quote)
  Look! Dorothy Gale is escaping! (full quote)
4307 Why are all of you standing on your heads? (full quote)
4307 1. Tell me who you are, and why you've come all the way to my kingdom, and what I can do to make you happy. 2. It must be the Nome King. 3. Where is he? I don't see anybody. 4. My name is Dorothy Gale, Your Majesty, and these are my friends, Tik-tok, Jack, and the Gump. 1. Not THE Dorothy Gale from Kansas? 4. Yes, Your Majesty. We've come to ask you to release the Scarecrow, and restore the Emerald City. 1. You believe that I have stolen something, Dorothy, and you want me to give it back. 4. Yes, Your Majesty. 1. And what if they don't want to give it back? 4. Then, we are here with our army to conquer you and force you to give it back. (full quote)
4307 1. You have so much. 2. I beg your pardon? 1. YOU HAVE SO MUCH! (full quote)
4307 Why doesn't the...sofa...go first? (full quote)
4307 He never stole the emeralds! They were there when he came. (full quote)
4307 Take me to the Nome King, you stupid idiots. (full quote)
4307 I shoulda quit when I was a head. (full quote)
4307 1. what is it? 2. Limestone pie and hot melted silver. 1. Melted silver? (full quote)
4307 1. But that's not fair! 2. You said that you were willing to take a risk. (full quote)
4307 1. Tik-tok's not even alive. 2. I have always valued my lifelessness. (full quote)
4307 Half the trouble you get into comes from winding down. (full quote)
4307 1. Are you sure you didn't come back for...these? 2, My ruby slippers! (full quote)
4307 1. Dorothy, I can use the ruby slippers and send you home, and you'll never have to think about Oz again. 2. What about my friends? 1. Forget about them...There's no place like home. (full quote)
4307 1. My steel brains must be damaged, because I am having difficulty guessing. 2. Tik-tok. (full quote)
4307 How would you like to visit my fiery furnace? (full quote)
4307 You let her escape! (full quote)
4307 1. She is Ozma, queen and rightful ruler of Oz. Her father was king of Oz before the Wizard came. 2. Ozma grew up as Mombi's slave, but when the Nome King promised Mombi thirty beautiful heads if she kept Ozma a secret, she enchanted her into the mirror. 3. I forgive Mombi. Dorothy has punished her by removing her magical powers, and a witch with no magic is a miserable creature indeed. 4. And that's a fact. (full quote)
4307 I wish all of us from Oz to return there safely, and for the Emerald City and all of the people in it to be restored to life. (full quote)
4307 1. My thinking must have completely run down. I do not remember leaving the Nome Kingdom. 2. Everything's all right now. (full quote)
4307 Be the queen of Oz, Dorothy! (full quote)
4307 help me step through the glass, Dorothy. (full quote)
4307 Toto found me. (full quote)
4307 1. If this is the land of Oz, then this is the Deadly Desert. 2. Deadly Desert? 1. It surrounds Oz. Last time, I flew over it in the old house. 2. Just my luck. (full quote)
4307 1. If this is the land of Oz, then this is the Deadly Desert. 2. Deadly Desert? 1. It surrounds Oz. Last time, I flew over it in the old house. 2. Just my luck. (full quote)
6743 Right! Tie my feet together! (full quote)
10929 We come all this way to see a bunch of stiffs. (full quote)
10929 what is this, a man or a melon? (full quote)
10929 There's no place like home. (full quote)
10929 This was the yellow brick road. It leads to the Emerald city. (full quote)
10929 I have always valued my lifelessness. (full quote)
10929 These Wheelers can be tricky customers. (full quote)
19480 1. If his brain's run down, how can he talk? 2. It happens to people all the time, ****. (full quote)
19480 If I had a stomach, I know I would be sick! (full quote)
24636 (1)I believe I'll lock you in the tower for a few years until your head is ready...and then I'll take it. (2) I believe you will not! (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Come Here... Chicken! (full quote)