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Crossroads - 1986 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
bigcat58 where I come from, you don't blow no harp, you don't get no pussy. (full quote)
bigcat58 Boy, about that two dollar? I'm runnin' a little low on gas. (full quote)
bigcat58 You ain't never gonna get that last song if you can't make the train talk. (full quote)
  I got me this big white fella from memphis name of Jack Butler; real good guitar player, cuts heads every saturday night. (full quote)
  I got me this big white fella from memphis made a deal with me; real good guitar player, name of Jack Butler. (full quote)
  Who's Comin' on up? Who's gonna get there head cut? (full quote)
10463 Oh, I can get us there real quick. Jack Butler's gonna love you. (full quote)
11624 they find out i can walk they take away my pontiac (full quote)
11624 1) wher'd you get that money. . . 2) been on my hip next to my whip for the past 25 years (full quote)
12407 Blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad.... (full quote)
  Legba? where you been at, Slick? He done changed his name to Scratch. (full quote)
  Lookin' for me willy brown? Been a long time, yessa' been a long time. Last time was right here on this old crossroad. Now what can I do for you. 2- I come to tell you the deals off. 1- Oh no according to this here piece of paper the deals still on. 2- Now you can tear that up and give me some peace. 1- Now why would I want to do that? 2- you slumped up you your end of the bargain....I didn't get what i wanted, didn't get nothin! 1- You got what you were supposed to get Bluesman! Ain't nothin' ever the way it's supposed to be! But that ain't no reason to break a deal. Of course, If you had something to bout' cuttin' heads? (full quote)
  Well, well, well. Who sent you here? Can't talk little man? Ha ha ha...bettcha' can't play none either! (full quote)
  Muddy Waters invented electricity! (full quote)
  Sounds like bird shit! (full quote)
  I'm no Robert Johnson...2- No you ain't, you ain't even a pimple on the great Robert Johnsons' ass. (full quote)
  Now you be here before midnight every Saturday night, and you learn them Blues. (full quote)
  What are you doing? 2- I'm changin' my tie, and I could use some help. 1- I oughtta' choke ya' 2- You do and you get knocked on your ass. (full quote)
  Excelence in primitive music is cultural. You have to be born to it. (full quote)
  That was very good Eugene, very good up to a point. Most people approach Motzart with respect, a quality which you are apparantly unfamiliar with. (full quote)
  You win, I tear up Willies contract....but what happens if my man Jack Butler wins? 2- You git' me. 1- I already GOT you! 3- Well then you get me to. 2- I said don't do it Lightnin'! 3- Relax Willie, I'm just calling his bluff, we'll get to Fultons point after this....where and whan for this thing? 1- Oh I can get us there real quick....Jack Butler's gonna' like you! (full quote)
  I got six cousins called Willie Brown, the guy that ownes the store down the street, his name's Willie Brown. If I had a nickle for every man named Willie Brown I woudn't be sittin' here listening to your bullshit! (full quote)
  Hellhounds' on your trail Willie Brown, HELLHOUNDS' on your trail! (full quote)
  Look at this old guitar, I bet you saw this thing in the window and bought it because it looks beat up! (full quote)
  school dormitory? Oh, times is hard! Times is hard! (full quote)
  yeah you're right Willie, she's definately jail bait. Oh yeah? I don't see to many signs of puberty on you! (full quote)
  That THING over there's gotta' leg on her that'll get us more rides than your thumb! (full quote)
  1) They find out I can walk they'll take away my Pontiac. A man ain't no man if he ain't got no car. You got a car? 2) No! 1) Then you ain't no MAN yet. (full quote)
20947 I'm surprised you can even walk. You gotta have balls this big!! (full quote)
20947 Can't talk? Betcha can't play none either! (full quote)
20947 1: I know I'm no Robert Johnson- 2: No you ain't! You ain't even the beginnin' of a pimple on the great late Robert Johnsons' ass! (full quote)
20947 1: You're right Willie. She's definitely jail bait. 2: Oh yeah? I don't see too many signs of puberty on you! (full quote)
20947 That's a mean, shitty old man. (full quote)
10929 He made a woman out of me. (full quote)
10929 If I lose. (full quote)
  Mean ol' bastard ain' t ya! (full quote)
10929 Blues ain't nothin' but a good man feelin' bad. (full quote)
20947 Eugene: where and when for this thing? Scratch: Oh, I can get us there real quick. Jack Butler's gonna like you. (full quote)
  The winning boy needs magic! (full quote)