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Flight of the Navigator - 1986 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  This is totally rad. You're my big little brother. (full quote)
5352 THAT could have been you head . (full quote)
  Negative outcome. Not good! (full quote)
6891 -My Mom just took me to see the BeeGees a couple months ago. Who'd you see? -Twisted Sister. -I've never heard of her. -It's a HIM! Actually, it's a THEM. (full quote)
6891 You called me a geek! (full quote)
7319 Too many twinkies! (full quote)
Shadrach 1) You know, you're a strange kid. 2) Me? I'm not the one with the purple hair! (full quote)
  Take me with you max 2) You no I can't do it its much to dangrous (full quote)
  1) Take me with you Max 2) You no I can't its much to dangrous (full quote)
12206 Yes Max, THOSE are geeks. (full quote)
  See ya later navigator! (full quote)
  David: How did I get out of the ravine? I crawled out. (full quote)
  Max: SIT down NAVIGATOR. (full quote)
  Max: Give me the starcharts. David: Not now. I gotta go. Max: Go? Where? David: To the bathroom. Max: Do not know 'bathroom.' (full quote)
  comon lets get out of here. complient navigator (full quote)
15515 come on lets get out of here. complient navigator (full quote)
15515 come on lets get out of here. complient navigator (full quote)
10053 1. Dork! 2. Weasel! 1. Buttface 2. Scuzzbucket!! (full quote)
  you are the navigator! (full quote)
  I need the superior information in your inferior brain. (full quote)
  compliance! (full quote)