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Hitcher, The - 1986 Movie Quotes

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10929 Do you have a name? Do you have a police record? where are you from? (full quote)
  I'm turning myself in and I'm not guilty. (full quote)
  The car doesn't belong to me. It's a drive-a-way. The guy's in San Diego. (full quote)
chelmail All you have to say is - I want to die (full quote)
myonly8 Don't you move. You stay seated right where you are, or I'll blow your brains through your ass. (full quote)
myonly8 How do you like Shitsville? (full quote)
myonly8 'Cause you can sure as shit bet I'm gonna squeeze mine. (full quote)
myonly8 My mother told me to never do this. (full quote)
myonly8 You're a smart kid, you figure it out. (full quote)
myonly8 You wanna know what happens to an eyeball when it gets punctured? Do you got any idea how much blood jets out of a guy's neck when his throat's been slit? (full quote)