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Howard the Duck - 1986 Movie Quotes

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641 She took my eggs. (full quote)
  You cannot comprehend the evil which is about to be released on your planet (full quote)
14808 Howard The Duck: I'll bite your face. You're a dead man, Ginger! Ginger Moss: what are you talking about? Howard The Duck: SPACE RABIES!!!!! Ginger Moss: Ritchie, is that a real disease? Ritchie: I don't know, Ginger. I heard something about that on the news. Howard The Duck: That's right! SPACE RABIES! Now, one bite, its agonizing death in fifteen seconds! Bite! Bite! Bite! (full quote)
  On my planet, we don't say die, we say KILL! (full quote)
  Beverly: Look, they're laughing at you! And they've got Mr. Code-Key! Dark Over-Lord: :::growls::: Beverly: Oh, my God. Chinese Chef: One, Two! Howard: WAIT A MINUTE! JENNING! Look! I warned you! HERE HE COMES! (full quote)
23347 No one laughs at a master of Quack-Fu! (full quote)
  You know...hostility is like a psychic boomerang. -Waitress (full quote)
  1. I want you to look into the future and tell me what you see! 2. I see MYSELF walking out that door!! 3. Yeah! Me too!! (full quote)
  Howard: I can't swim!! Phil: Whoever heard of a duck who can't swim? Howard: Shut up and save me!! (full quote)
  Beverly: Let him go! He's my boyfriend!! Guy in diner: That's disgusting! (full quote)
10929 Every duck has his limit, and you scum have pushed me over the line. (full quote)
  All right now, on the double here. I want this guy. The suspect is three-foot-one inches tall. Three-foot-two, thank you. You heard me. He's armed. That means he's got a weapon, right? That also means he's dangerous. what? EXTREMELY dangerous! Shoot to KILL! (gulp) Let's move it out, come on! (full quote)
10929 You think I might find happiness in the animal kingdom, Duckie? (full quote)
itsjustfranklin I told you I'm not Jenning anymore, the transformation is complete. I am now SOMEONE ELSE! (full quote)