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Modern Girls - 1986 Movie Quotes

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  How, CeCe? How could things be worse? I thought I had a hot date tonight with a girl who doesn't even know I exist. I brought a really nice bottle of champaign and nobody got a drop because a dog named Venus drank it. I bought a thirty dollar tie, and now some psycho back at the Gloom Room is probably using it as a noose. And most of all, I borrowed this really terrific car, and not one of you stupid girls is even impressed! (full quote)
  He's not just some guy. He's Bruno X! (full quote)
  Customer:Give me three fruit drinks. Bartender:How about zombiemakers? Customer: Yea, whatever. Fruit drinks. (full quote)
  Nice guy. That's about the worse thing you can call a person, isn't it? (full quote)
vanilla CeCe: We're all great girls. Kelly might be prettier, but Margo, tell him which one of us is sexier. Margo: You're ten points sexier. I'm... what? CeCe: No, six pionts sexier and she's ten points bitchier. Cliffy: Are you sure it was only ten points? (full quote)