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Patriot, The - 1986 Movie Quotes

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10110 There are assholes everywhere - and Floyd, is an asshole. (full quote)
10110 It's a good day to die, Floyd (full quote)
10110 1. Call the next man on the list. 2. There is no next man on the list. (full quote)
10110 I want a BOL containment team at Ennis, Montana. 20 mile perimeter. This is not a drill. Seal it off. (full quote)
10110 1. Doctor, do you have an incinerator? 2. Yes, sir. 1. Well take that shit and burn it. (full quote)
10110 The words of our forefathers comin' out of your mouth ain't nothing but dogshit. (full quote)
10110 Don't chase knowledge, it's like a deer, it'll run away from you. You've got to let knowledge come to you. (full quote)
  1)you have done nothing to be ashamed of 2) i have done nothing and for that i am ashamed (full quote)