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Short Circuit - 1986 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
kazlam Wouldn't you like to be a pepper, too? (full quote)
kazlam 1) Don't tell me its laser is still armed. 2) Bimbo. (full quote)
kazlam 1) What if it goes out and melts down a busload of nuns, how would you like to write the headline on that one? 2) Nun Soup? 3) Ben! (full quote)
kazlam Colt .45 Semi-automatic. Play-doh. (full quote)
kazlam (Truck pulls up) Hi honey, what is for dinner? (full quote)
5104 your momma was a snow blower! (full quote)
9493 You're mother was a snowblower! (full quote)
  Squash - dead. Disassemble - dead. DISASSEMBLE - DEAD! NO DISASSEMBLE number FIVE!! (full quote)
  Stephanie Change colour. Nice software mmmmmmmm. (full quote)
13532 Johnny five ALIVE! (full quote)
  1) All, right, dipshit! Where's Number Five? what'd you do to him? (full quote)
16783 No, Stephanie. number Five. . . Is alive! (full quote)
16783 Number Five, stupid name. Want to be...Kevin, or Dave... Maybe Johnny... Yeah! Johnny! That cool! (full quote)
16783 Great idea! I say we cruise on up there and check it out! (full quote)
16783 All right, dipshit! Where's Number five? what'd you do to him?! (full quote)
16783 Yes! Yes, it's true! Spontaneous Emotional Response! (full quote)
16783 Ah! Imput! more Imput, Stephanie! (full quote)
16783 There is no more! You read everything in the house! (full quote)
16783 No shit! where see shit? (full quote)
16783 Hey, LaserLips! your Momma was a snowblower! (full quote)
16783 I feel I've been cooped up in this lab forever! (full quote)
16783 Kick ass? Donkey! Mule! Burrow! (full quote)
16783 Well, when you gotta go, don't squeeze the Charmin! (full quote)
16783 Are you sure you didn't do any steering? (full quote)
16783 Yeah, I like to drive off cliffs. (full quote)
16783 Ooh! Liquid! Spaghetti Sauce! *Dumps Spaghetti sauce on counter* (full quote)
16783 Prettyful animal! Mammal! Canine! Dog! . . . Mutt. . . (full quote)
16783 Malfunction! Need Input! Iiiinput! (full quote)
16783 A can of soup! A meal in itself! (full quote)
16783 *flipping a coin* Frankie, you broke the unwritten law, you ratted on your friends. When you do that, Frankie, your enemies don't respect ya, you got no friends no more. You got nobody, Frankie. *stops flipping the coin* Pretty good huh? (full quote)
  I am standing here beside myself. (full quote)
Genofreek 1) We're going to crash! 2) Disassemble? 1) Yeah, disassemble all OVER the place. (full quote)
  Hey laser lips! your mama was a snowblower! (full quote)
  Hey laser lips! your mama was a snowblower! (full quote)
  DON@T DIASASEMBLE ME YOU BASTARD, IM number 5 (full quote)
  I do not know about you...but I am planning to scream, and run. (full quote)
  K.O. Derf! (full quote)
  Newton, You don want to be late for de ball. (full quote)
  Wooly mammal-sheep! (full quote)
  what God wants, he keeps.(laughs) (full quote)
  1) Holey Shit! 2) No shit. where see shit? (full quote)
  This robot is starting to give me a case of the red ass! (full quote)
  Take heart little lady, I'll fix your wagon. (full quote)
10929 Colt .45. Semi-automatic. (full quote)
10929 Come and follow me. (full quote)
10929 Who's Johnny? (full quote)
10929 more than a woman. (full quote)
41125 Hey laser lips, your momma was a snow-blower (full quote)
42007 *Knock at door* Stephanie: Frank, IS that you, I'm Warning you I;m Armed and Dangerous! *Door opens* J5: Disguise, cammoflauge, hide, no dissasemble! Ooh Stephanie chang color, Pretty, Nice soft ware! (full quote)
42007 J5: Reassemble, stephanie, Reassemble. Stephanie: I can't it's dead... J5: No Reassemble? Stephanie: I told you I can't reassemble it is dead, dissasembled. J5: Dissasemble... Dead...Dissasemble... Dead... DISSASEMBLE DEAD, DISSASEMBLE DEAD,DISSASEMBLE DEAD No Dissasemble, Stephanie, Hide. (full quote)
45423 Hey laser lips, your mother was a snow blower!! (full quote)