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Thrashin' - 1986 Movie Quotes

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  Breakin'is a memory!! (full quote)
  Breakin' is a memory!! (full quote)
  NO!!! YOU BE THERE!!! (full quote)
  BRADLEY:You really want a convertable? BOZ:YEAH! *2 SECS LATER THE CAR'S ROOF IS OFF* My fathers gonna murder me! BRADLEY:No he will not! If my shop teacher saw me doin this instead of those stupid ashtrays he had me doin'!... BOZ:But it looks like an ashtray!.. BRADLEY:No it does not man.. u know wot u got here right? BOZ:what? BRADLEY:This is a CABRIOLETTE man!.. BOZ:whats that?.. BRADLEY:That's UGH! Hungarian for fast car!!.. COREY:Hey lets paint the sucker!!! (full quote)
  beat it you valley jerk! (full quote)
  You mean to tell me that mr. studly is going to pass up a virgin ramp (full quote)
  sit down and shutup (full quote)
  i remember him when he was ralph and he lived in the valley. now he's monk and he thinks he's cool (full quote)
  Hey baby, you love me right? I'm classy, I swear! I know him! (full quote)
  youre gonna be the most beautifull girrrl at da cluurrb (full quote)