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Wraith, The - 1986 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
5630 Sheriff Loomis: Bad feelings don't add up to resurrections, buddy! (full quote)
5630 (referring to one of Packard's cohorts, Oggie)Hey, has this guy been warmed or is he just a naturally gifted child? (full quote)
  Sherriff: He was maggot pie before the cards flew. (full quote)
  RUGHEAD: They were odyossed by the kid in the turbo. (full quote)
14455 Jake!. . . Jake!. . . Jamie! (full quote)
  packard!,,,get a load of this!!! (full quote)
  i seen his eyes loomis,,,i seen his eyes!!! (full quote)
  this is for ogy uh sucker (full quote)
1ajas Skank, do me a favor will ya? Get rid of that zombie-piss you're drinkin' before it turns you into a mushroom! (full quote)
1ajas They were adiosed by the kid in the turbo. (full quote)
1ajas I seen his eyes Loomis... I seen his eyes! (full quote)
10929 Clam it, wiseguy! (full quote)