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Bad Taste - 1987 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Because I am Derek, and Derek's don't run. (full quote)
6248 The old magics still there ! (full quote)
6324 Derek: Now, what do you do to who's doing on my planet? (full quote)
6324 1:Perhaps I could all be a bit shy, I think this is a job for real men! (full quote)
6324 Alien: I'm sure you'll be pleased to be leaving this shitty planet! (full quote)
6324 Derek: Stay where you are (name) and I'll give you an eyewitness description of this... this intergalactic wanker! (full quote)
6324 Derek: THE BASTARDS HAVE landED! (full quote)
6324 Derek: THE BASTARDS HAVE landED! (full quote)
  It's Derek...He's gone ape-shit!!! (full quote)
22838 1) You'd never guess What I had to do in there. 2) What, did they make you swallow some guy's chuck? (full quote)
  eat lead suckers eh-eh-eh-eh-eh (full quote)
  good WORK ROBERT (full quote)