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Creepshow 2 - 1987 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4049 Thanks for the ride,lady! (full quote)
4049 This hair is gonna get me PAID and LAID (full quote)
4049 Loco! (full quote)
  THE CREEP:I've never seen anyone so impatient Billy.It's almost like your life depended on you getting the first issue hot off the press. (full quote)
  WHO'S THE HELL IS HE? (full quote)
  That'll cost you Mrs. Lansing... (full quote)
  Hey buddy! what the fuck happened? (full quote)
  Move old lady or I'm gonna cut off your old man's ohgabasheesh! (full quote)
  We leave tonight. We go home. Round up whatever shit we need. And Rich Boy you pick me up at 11. Then we go get fat stuff. How bout it fat stuff?! (full quote)
  Did you know my man here was rich? Well his old man's rich! His old man bought him a firebird. A fuckin firebird that's gonna take us all to Hollywood! AND ONE more STEP AND BLAAAM! (full quote)
  OOOh Mucho ecological Pancho! (full quote)
  They're gonna look at me and they're gonna say..Sam..get over here. Get in front of these cameras..there's a million women out there..just waiting to rub that hair between their legs. (full quote)
33944 One more step and BLAM!!! (full quote)
  Now you've seen it..and now you're gunna forget it. (full quote)
  Good afternoon Martha Spruce (full quote)
  Some guy got creamed, that's what happened. Happens all the time. (full quote)