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Dragnet - 1987 Movie Quotes

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  It burns eyes, nose, throat, lungs. Could cause vomiting and even death!! (full quote)
bigcat58 I don't care what undercover rock you crawled out from. There's a dress code for detectives in Robbery-Homicide. Section three dash six oh five point one oh point two oh point two two point two four point two six point five oh point seven oh point eight oh. It specifies a clean shirt, short hair, tie, pressed trousers, sports jacket or suit, and leather shoes. Preferably with a high shine on them. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Well, Muzz, I guess it's just balls...and this drawer. *SLAM* 2) AHHHHHH!!!!!!! (full quote)
6294 He was a loner, left in the middle of the night, that scum lovin' shitbag! (full quote)
7118 Uh-huh, Pseudohalogenic compound cyanogen. (full quote)
7118 Don't forget Gerry, you're having your pores sucked at 4. (full quote)
7118 Yeah, if it wasn't for the drugs, we wouldn't have been able to escape from the giant snake in the pit!! (full quote)
clarkins Not that it's any of your business, but I spent a quiet evening in the company of Connie Swail. #2 Don't you mean the Virgin Connie Swail. #1 raises eyebrow and theme music starts (full quote)
7268 Just shut up, close your eyes, and think about Christmas. (full quote)
1212 1)Do these look like the breasts of a 43 year old woman? 2)No, no. They're quite impressive, bordering on spectacular. (full quote)
1212 Let me tell you something Mister, unlike you, outside of cigarettes I only have one vice, and a good chili dog is it, so would you please pipe down. (full quote)
1212 1)what the hell do you want? 2)Police officer's, ma'am. (full quote)
2489 I don't care what undercover rock you crawled out from, there's a dress code for detectives in Robbery-Homicide. Section 3-605. It specifies: clean shirt, short hair, tie, pressed trousers, sports jacket or suit, and leather shoes, preferably with a high shine on them. (full quote)
2489 1)Do you have any idea what falls into an industrial sausage press, including rodent hairs and bug excrement? 2) I hate you, Streebeck. (full quote)
2489 May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live. (full quote)
2489 Well, Muzz, I guess it's just you, and... and me... and your balls... and this drawer. (full quote)
2489 Ah, sure, but just like every other foaming, rabid psycho in this city with a foolproof plan, you've forgotten you're facing the single finest fighting force ever assembled. (full quote)
2489 You've got a lot of repressed feelings, don't you, Friday? Must be what keeps your hair up. (full quote)
7546 Let me tell you something. I don't care much for you or the putred sludge you're troweling out. (full quote)
ShadowDragyn Look out, muppets! (full quote)
12206 Don't you mean the VIRGIN Connie Swayle? (full quote)
16639 Ladies and Gentalmen, the story you are about to see it true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. For example George Baker is now called Silvia Whiss. (full quote)
16639 Uh, listen, say Joe. Ya know it's the darndest thing, I seemed to have...uh...left my notebook in the car, and it's going to take me 15, 20 a 1/2 hour or so to find it. Why don't you...uh...pump...Silvia here...uh...privately for information and I' know... (full quote)
19032 1: Sure, but how do you tell that to these kids who have never seen a lion before and will probably never have the desire to see one again? 2: Kids, it'll grow back. Kids: YAY! (full quote)
1501 It tastes like milk. Like the sign out front says: fresh, wholesome, milk. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe And on a school night, too. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: I can't quite place it. It tastes like... #2: Milk. Fresh, wholesome milk. (full quote)
1760 Now let me tell you something, Streebeck. There are two things that clearly differentiate the human species from animals. One, we use cutlery. Two, we're capable of controlling our sexual urges. Now, you might be an exception, but don't drag me down into your private Hell. (full quote)
40218 1) Oh thank god - vibrator repair? 2) No ma'am. Los Angeles Police. Sorry. (full quote)
10929 city of crime. (full quote)
10929 Surf's up, beach boy, but you'll be hanging ten downtown. (full quote)
10929 For the first time in 12 years I rolled into traffic with a new partner. (full quote)
10929 Kids, it will grow back. (full quote)
10929 Just the facts, ma'am. (full quote)
  only the facts, ma'am. (full quote)
Marvin Acme Sure this city isn't perfect. We need a smut free life for all of our citizens, cleaner streets, better schools, a good hockey team ... (full quote)
Marvin Acme #1- Ma'am, what is the approximate dry weight of the average Madagascan fruit tree bat? ... #2- You mean you don't know? (full quote)
Marvin Acme Ma'am, what is the approximate dry weight of the average Madagascan fruit tree bat? ... (full quote)