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Eddie Murphy Raw - 1987 Movie Quotes

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4538 GIVE ME HALF, MR. FUCK-YOU MAN! (full quote)
4538 Rules(writing)...#1 Lilian cannot use the phone. #2 Since you're such a smart motherfucker you can't go outside no more either. (full quote)
5817 All women have a skeleton in their closet... Some women have cemeteries in their closet (full quote)
5817 Don't let the lights and cameras fool you, we're filming a movie here, and you all are gonna be in the shit... Except, only I'M getting paid for the motherfucker (full quote)
5817 I have FIVE... children (full quote)
9139 Eddie, why'd you shoot Jimmy Walker in his lips? I like Good Times. Oh, you took a shot in your lips and you look like Jimmy Walker. Oh, that'll do it. (full quote)
33501 My ego said do some kind of rhyme with your name that always scares white people, I said okay; don't mess wit' Ed cause if you mess wit' Ed you be dead. (full quote)
  They like sex just as much as us but they play these games. You know when it backfires on you ladies? When you go meet a guy and you want him and he wants you and you like each other and everything is perfect but you wont do anything. And after that he don’t like you no more but he still wants to fuck you. So he waits. Waits 3 months. Then you finally get it, she’s like, I’m Yours!! And you go, FUCK YOU BITCH! FUCK YOU ND YOUR PUSSY!!!! GET THE FUCK OUT MY FACE!!! (full quote)
  you heard me moully, pay for my candy! (full quote)
33944 1/ Do the people laugh?! 2/ Yes 1/ Do you get payed?! 2/ Yes 1/ The tell bill I said to have a Coke and smile and shut the fuck up!!! (full quote)
  You cannot say..Fuck in front of people. (full quote)
44544 Hey Eddie! Me and ol' Fufu here wer just discussin a few things! (full quote)
44544 You know when you take a shit and it's halfway out, then it decides to slip back up yo ass! Like it's teasin you or summin! (full quote)
  what do you want me to say? That I fucked her? Ok, I fucked her. Yes we did, fuck yes we did! (full quote)
  We men, wait, to hear that noise, that - OOOOHHHHHH - yeah, once we hear that we know we can act a fool! We'll be fucking you and once we hear that OOOOHHHHHHH, face be in the pillow like this, Oh I got this bitch now. (full quote)
  You ever be fucking a girl, and you ask, who's pussy is this, and they reply, (head going back and forth very fast) YOUR PUSSY YOUR PUSSY YOUR PUSSY! (full quote)
  Some women are afraid to talk because a bone will pop outta their mouth (full quote)
  (Talking like a bushbitch) Eddie....I want to talk to you....I'm an american woman now Eddie, I want whats coming to me! .....HALF!... (full quote)
  (Making fun of Michael Jackson) Hey, can I talk to you for a minute!......I can moon walk all up and down your ass!!! ...I'll see you later! (full quote)
  Hey! Eddie Murphy! Fuck you! (full quote)
47757 bill Cosby made it sound like all my act consisted of was me coming out on stage and saying, Hello, filth farum, mother fucker, dick , pussy, snot and shit. Good Night. (full quote)