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Outrageous Fortune - 1987 Movie Quotes

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  today you should have seen me and Mousey in school today...we got cocked on a pint of blackberry brandy, ate some THC on the bus...we were this teacher, Mr. Rivera, goes, 'what's wrong with you, Delaney?'....and I go, 'I'm totally fucked, man!'....everyone laughed like a bastard (full quote)
  Can you say - Needle-dick, the bug fucker? (full quote)
  I attacked him in a Burger King! (full quote)
8992 Have a good mad scene. It's really great I just saw it! (full quote)
23264 Every guy I have every slept with, and we are way into double digits here, has come back for more. Every single one! (full quote)
23990 9 years of ballet lessons! (full quote)
10929 Are you out of your mind? We don't have two-hundred dollars! (full quote)
34304 1: You defiled a christmas tree? 2: No one saw! (full quote)
10929 There's a kidney in kansas City that ain't getting fresher. (full quote)
  Shelly Long: Let me do the talking, everytime you open your mouth foul language has a habit of coming out. Better Midler That is a fucking lie (full quote)
46065 relax his not gonna kill us! why not? because we're gonna be raped and murdered in this building (full quote)
46065 gimme back my fuckin' quarter (full quote)
  You're too weird to hit. (full quote)
  Does the name, 'Needle Dick The Bug Fucker' mean anything to you? (full quote)
46065 Oh, that kind of evening huh? Not the kind your used to, no money exchanged hands (full quote)
46065 dont even think about it dont even fuckin' think about it (full quote)