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Secret of My Succe$s, The - 1987 Movie Quotes

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6974 Don't cosort with the suits! (full quote)
7272 1)This isn't the mens room? 2)No, they took the urinals out last week, I didn't like about a paper cup? (full quote)
8045 1,I hear music when I look at you (sings) 2.Aunt Vera (full quote)
  1) I hate men. 2) Glad I'm not one of them. (full quote)
18531 1. Going back to kansas? 2. No I'm not going back to kansas. I came to New York to succeed. 3. Yeah, I hear there's an opening in the mail room. (full quote)
22445 1)I just disgraced my whole family! 2)like hell you did! (full quote)
24986 1) Uh...I'll just get right to the point, I'm sure you told your secretary to get me out of here in five minutes- 2) Two.... (full quote)
24986 1) Nice furniture. It goes with your hair 2) Thank you, that's a nice tie, it goes well with your nose (full quote)
24986 Mrs. Meacham: Outstanding! Outstanding! Brantley Foster: You're not going to tell me I have too much experience, are you? Mrs. Meacham: Certainly not -- you're perfect for the job. Brantley Foster: Great! Mrs. Meacham: Except... Brantley Foster: No! No exceptions! I want this job, I need it, I can do it. Everywhere I've been today there's always been something wrong, too young, too old, too short, too tall. whatever the exception is, I can fix it. I can be older, I can be taller, I can be anything. Mrs. Meacham: Can you be a minority woman? (full quote)
24986 Howard Prescott: Let me get this straight -- Brantley is Whitfield? Brantley Foster: That's right. Brantley is Whitfield; Whitfield is Brantley. Vera Prescott: And Christy is the bimbo! (full quote)
24986 People better stop calling me bimbo! (full quote)
24986 Jean: I was having fun on this job. You had all this energy, and all these crazy ideas... and you kept taking your pants off. (full quote)
24986 Jean: I don't believe this....this elevator is stuck again! (full quote)
24986 Vera Prescott: [into phone] This is the third weekend in a row he's found an excuse not to come to the country. ...No, I don't know, but knowing him it's probably some teenage airhead from the steno pool. Hmph. The last one I caught him with was so dumb, she thought 'dictation' was some kind of S&M trip (full quote)
24986 1) Brantley! what are you doing in Whitfield's office? And why are you dressed like that? 2) Because of the funeral. 3) Who's funeral? 4) A friend...he died...we buried him.... (full quote)
10929 All right, but don't beg, okay? It's embarrassing. (full quote)
10929 --what do I call you? --You call me God. (full quote)
40770 That was a very expensive vase you bitch. (full quote)