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Teen Wolf Too - 1987 Movie Quotes

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2946 I've been dancin with a dog (full quote)
  Person 1--I'm looking for Professor Brooks. Person 2--She's not in there. (full quote)
  Good luck on your test...and at the match. (full quote)
  Kill him, Todd! (full quote)
  Let me give you a little advice about life... Never get less than 12 hours of sleep, Never play cards with a guy that's got the same first name as a city, And never go near a lady that has a tatoo of a dagger on her body, and if you stick with that everything else is cream cheese... (full quote)
15499 I just had a beard over every inch of my body... fingernails the size of french fries... teeth from here to Texas... and she called me a dog... A DOG... (full quote)