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Three Men and a Baby - 1987 Movie Quotes

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  The little insect was just waiting for that diaper to fall off. (full quote)
disue5 ...this child doesn't look anything like me...I have more hair. (full quote)
disue5 I build fifty storey skyscrapers, I assemble cities of the future...I can certainly put together a diaper. (full quote)
disue5 I'd like to see how you three big guys handle this one. (full quote)
3605 How can something so small make so much of something so disgusting? (full quote)
3605 1) She made a doodle. It's your turn to change her. 2) I'll give you a thousand bucks if you do it. (full quote)
Splent -*baby crying*Lets watch a little Tv, just you and me. There you go. Enjoy yourself. -Vimen are vondering, are they having an orgasm? *baby laughs*Men are vorried, maybe their penis. -No,nonononono. You don't wanna hear that. *baby cries again* (full quote)
Splent Toddler what's a toddler? (full quote)
Splent 1.That's our best selling formula. 2. Good. (starts taking cans)That means it's the best then, right? 1. No, it's the cheapest. That's why. (full quote)
Splent 2. (puts other cans back)How about this? 1. Oh, that's gooooood. 2. Great. (starts taking cans) 1. But it's got iron in it. 2. Is that bad? 1. It is if your baby's allergic to it! 2. How do you know if she's allergic? 1. They throw up all over you! (puts cans back) Of course they throw up all over you even if they aren't allergic to it. Some babies can't keep anything down. (full quote)
Splent 1. How about this? 2. That's for older babies. How old's your baby? 1. (Thinks, then holds hands out.) About that old. 2. You don't know how old your baby is? 1. Yes, I know how old my baby is! 2. Is she teething? 1. Teething? 2. Well, does she chew on her fist and drool alot? 1. OK. Thanks. I'll just take some of this (starts taking at least one of every kind of baby food on the shelf and puts it in his cart) and some of this, and I thank you very much, Edna. You have been the source of great distress. 2. Don't forget you need to steralize the nipple! 1. (stops, does a double take) (full quote)
Splent Hush little baby, don't you cry, when Peter gets home I'm gonna punch him in the eye. (full quote)
30110 I'll give you a thousand dollars if you'll do it (full quote)
  I hate the cello! (full quote)
10929 I'm an actor. I can do a father. (full quote)
10929 The book says to feed the baby every two hours, but do you count from when you start or when you finish? (full quote)
10929 It takes me two hours to get her to eat, and by the time she's done, it's time to start again, so that I'm feeling her all the time. (full quote)
  (reading Sports Illustrated to infant) It's not what you read it's the tone of voice you use (full quote)
40905 1.Jack has a baby? 2.I realize such a concept tends to negate our belief in a benevolent God, but yes.
(full quote)
Splent Michael you're gonna have to wash where the poop was. (full quote)