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I'm Gonna Git You Sucka - 1988 Movie Quotes

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  Chris Rock: How much for a order of ribs? Bartender: $2.50 Chris Rock: $2.50? How many ribs come in an order? Bartender: Ah...about 5. Chris Rock: So...each rib is about 50 cent? Bartender: Yeah...that's about right Chris Rock: Well I'll have one rib Bartender: Okay, one order of ribs Chris Rock:, no, I mean 'one rib' Bartender:...One rib? Chris Rock: I sure am hungry Bartender: Ah...make that 'one rib'.... Chef: Aw...'one rib'....? Geez... Bartender: You want anything else with that? Chris Rock: How much is a soda? Bartender: A dollar Chris Rock: Aw come on easy on a brother okay, I'm make a deal with ya, just pour it into a glass and I'll take a lil' sip for 15 cents. glasses cost more than 15 centers... Chris Rock: Okay, fuck the cup, pour it into my had for a dime Bartender: LISTEN YOU LITTLE GEASY-HAIR JERI CURL, YOU PAY ME AND GET THE HELL OUTTA MY BAR Chris Rock: Got change for a hundred? (full quote)
6033 1. How much for an order of Ribs? 2. two fifty 1. how many ribs come with that? 2. I don't know about 5 I guess. 1. So that is about .50 cents a rib, I'll take one. 2. One order of ribs coming up... 1. NO, NO, NO, just one rib, I sho' am hungry (full quote)
8685 Bitch, did you fart?? (full quote)
8685 That's my theme music. All superheros need their own theme music. (full quote)
8685 1) I think you got exactly what I need. 2) Yeah, what's that? 1) 12 inches! (full quote)
  yeah, and the dude shot me. (full quote)
  1) Who We Waitin On? 2) Kung Fu Joe 3) HaHa My Brothas I See You Started Without Me (full quote)
  Don't make me hop after you!!! (full quote)
  Look, a family full of midgets is not considered kids. That's a Gang!! (full quote)
10929 --What makes you think you can be a black hero? --I'm an ex-football player. (full quote)
10929 --Hey, why are their guns bigger than ours? --I don't know! It's a black thing, I guess. (full quote)
10929 There's my theme music. Every hero got to have some. (full quote)
10929 See you around. (full quote)
  Damn Girl You must got the devil in You......NO, Crabs!... ahhhhhh (full quote)
  They are booby twraps, you mean, booty traps, yeah dhat's what I said, booby twraps. (full quote)
Bronzebird Bitch better have my money, rain, sleet, or snow. Bitch better have my money. Not half, not some, but all my cash. Cause if she don't I'ma put my foot dead in her ass! (The Crowd Cheers) (full quote)