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Iron Eagle II - 1988 Movie Quotes

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  Nah man...back in home town...they shoot everbody in the streets ::laughter:: (full quote)
Mombasa We've got a Five Ton Welcoming Committee homing in on us, and the son of a bitch ain't smiling. (full quote)
Mombasa 1) Do you have one of those macho call signs, like .Stud. or .Ace?. 2) Cobra. My callsign's Cobra. 1) Ah, the big-headed snake. It suits you. (full quote)
Mombasa Those fools in the tower know exactly what they're doing which is more than I can say for you bunch of idiots. (full quote)
  ya'll can vacate the vehicle now. (full quote)
  And then I stuck it in her dumper (full quote)