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Lady in White - 1988 Movie Quotes

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  My mommy's lost and I can't find her. Will you help me find her? (full quote)
  Well, c'mon, Toad. We better get home before Dad lynches us both. (full quote)
15737 Have you ever seen a dream walking? Well i did. (full quote)
  NARRATOR: I saw my father waiting for me to come home from school, worriedly dialing numbers trying to locate me....I saw my brother Gino sadly sifting through my toys and clothes and finding the love letter I'd written Mary Ellen. Why didn't I give it to her?!...And then, I heard Donald and Louie laughing at the clever joke they'd played, but then their laughter turned to tears as they stood before a gravestone. FRANKIE: Donald? Louie? (They both leave and FRANKIE sees that the gravestone is his) (full quote)
  The word is negro, Donald. (full quote)
  GINO: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Sorry Frankie! Are you hurt? FRANKIE: what's that look like, ketchup?! And don't swear! GINO: Don't be such a holyroller! (full quote)
47748 Philly: your a beautiful boy (full quote)
47748 Mama: Charlie! (full quote)
10929 help me find her! (full quote)