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Poltergeist III - 1988 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
2946 Robbie, Robbie, the tree's eating Robbie! (full quote)
2946 Carol-Ann's drowning, she's drowning! (full quote)
2946 person #1: what do you want? person #2: YOU! (full quote)
2946 This is the police! We have you surrounded! Come out with your hands up, and your pants down (full quote)
4049 My mom says if she can hear the party, the party's over! (full quote)
4049 1:I thought you couldn't come, couldn't stay away from hot Scott! 2:Marcy, back to your cage, it's feeding time! (full quote)
4049 Oh, Scott, my knight in shining acne (full quote)
  WE'RE back! (full quote)
  Hello ,this is your camp director. Jeff, quit pissing in the pool! (full quote)
  PAT: Tangina, don't! Tell me how to use the necklace so I can save all of you! TANGINA: Thank you, Pat, but this is the way it has to be. Say goodbye to Carolanne for me. Tell her I'll always love her, and that her nightmare is over. (full quote)
  CAROLANNE: Why don't you go to Martin's party? DONNA: You know I can't. CAROLANNE: I'll cover for you. They'll never know. DONNA: If I get caught we'll both get in trouble. CAROLANNE: I can take the heat. (full quote)
  My parents are gonna ground me 'til I'm 40! (full quote)
15499 Kane! Give her back her family. You don't need them. You don't need Carol Anne! I can lead you into the light. I have the KNOWLEDGE... and the POWER! (full quote)
15499 Dr Seaton? Kane found Carol Anne, and it's all your fault. (full quote)
15499 My God! HE FOUND HER! (full quote)
15499 Stay back! He's got the girls, and now he wants you! (full quote)
15499 Bruce Gardner: How would you feel if some quack told you that you had supernatural powers? Pat Gardner: Do you remember that guy that was on all the talk shows, used to bend keys, fix watches, took Polaroids of himself in the dark? Maybe Carol Anne... Bruce Gardner: Please not you too, give the kid a break, first your crazy brother in law used her as a scapegoat from the quarter of million homes, he built. Pat Gardner: Steven didn't! Bruce Gardner: Steven and your sister have put the poor thing threw hell, with those weirdo psychics and witchdoctors (full quote)
15499 Woman #1:You look great! Now remember, LESS IS more! Woman #2:Anne Klein II (full quote)
15499 You're so declasse. (full quote)