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Rambo III - 1988 Movie Quotes

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woody A) what is this? B) It's a blue light. A) what does it do? B) It turns blue. (full quote)
12774 I'm your worst nightmare. (full quote)
15317 God must love crazy people. (Why?) Cause he makes so many of them (full quote)
  where are the Missles? Close! How Close? In your ass! (full quote)
Icea 1. what is he, some sort of God? 2. No, God would have granted mercy, he won´t. (full quote)
Icea 1. what can we do? 2. Well, surrounding them's out. (full quote)
Icea 1. Are you listening? 2. Who are you? 1. Your worst nightmare. (full quote)
25614 1.) Ancient enemy make pray about these people, do you wish to hear?2.) uh huh. 1.) Very good...It says, may god deliver us from the venom of the cobra, teeth of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afgan. Do you understand what this means? 2.) That you guys don't take any shit. 1.) Yes something like this. (full quote)
  (entire Soviet army advances upon them) what do we do John? (Rambo loads a grenade into his M203 grenade launcher) Rambo: Fuck 'em (full quote)
  (John, got any ideas?) Yeah, Fuck em (full quote)
  You don't have to hunt him down.......He'll find you. (full quote)
  1)one man against three commando's who do you think this man is god 2)god would have mercy he won't (full quote)
10929 This is Afghanistan. (full quote)
33944 1/ Who is this man? Is he a God? 2/ He's no God.... God forgives.... he won't!! (full quote)