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She's Having a Baby - 1988 Movie Quotes

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2565 Those go on over your clothes (full quote)
  and in the end (full quote)
  and in the end i realized i took mre than i gave, was trusted more than i trusted, was loved more than i loved, and what i was looking for was not to be found, but to be made. (full quote)
16367 When are you two gonna get off the stick and give me a grandchild?! (full quote)
16441 Promise not to get mad? I stopped taking the pill over two months ago. (full quote)
16471 In the end I realized that I took more than I gave, that I was trusted more than I trusted and that I was loved more than I loved. (full quote)
24986 1) I won't tell Jake about this, it isn't fatal. 2) Kristy, you're the one I ever loved 3) No Davis, you're the one you ever loved. (full quote)
24986 1) Hey...why do you say I'm nervous? 2) Because you don't know what you want. (full quote)
24986 Every guy my age at the office has a picture of a grandkid on their desks. I have a picture of HER and what I really want is a picture of a grandchild! (full quote)
24986 1) Get out! 2) where am I supposed to sleep? 3) Anywhere but in this room or on this bed! (full quote)
24986 1) Do you mind? The ladies's room was too crowded. Do you come here a lot? 2) Uh, I mean...maybe twice today...I did drink a lot coffee.. 3) I mean, the club (full quote)
24986 1) I CAN get pregnant. 2) Well if you can get pregnant then why aren't you pregnant? 3) Because you CAN'T get me pregnant! (full quote)
24986 1) Any messages? 2) Ms. Briggs called 3) My mother called? 4) Your wife... (full quote)
24986 Jaaaaakee! Jake, my temperature just rised! ...... Jake, my temperature just rised, where are you? ......Jaaaake! My temperature is up this is the perfect time, hurry, hurry!!! JEFFERSON EDWARD BRIGGS!!!!!!!! oh...hi, babe. (full quote)
4927 A) what is this? B) Gimme that. It's my porcelain utter buddy. (full quote)
4927 A) How do you feel about alcoholics? B) I like alcoholics?? (full quote)
4927 A) what kind of mower you got? B) The kind you don't have to push, but you do it standing up. A power mower! A) what braaaaaand?? (full quote)
4927 I'm trying to make you happy and you mock me - thanks. (full quote)
4927 We checked the rest of your resume, and with the exception of your social security number..... You're full of shit, aren't you? (full quote)
elskwared what is this? Give me that. It's my porcelain Udder Buddy. It's a dairy dispenser. Lovely. (full quote)
elskwared what if the shoe were on the other foot? I'd go BAREFOOT!!!! (full quote)
10929 Words are cheap. (full quote)
10929 College is like high school with ashtrays. (full quote)