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Short Circuit 2 - 1988 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
5175 a bunny (full quote)
  Nos locos kick your ass, nos locos kick your face, nos locos kick your balls into outer space. (full quote)
13532 K.O. Derf! (full quote)
12206 Oscar, you will NOT get away!! I am REALLY PISSED OFF!!! (full quote)
  Su madre se acuesta con mi perro. (full quote)
  Ewscray ouyay, ozzobay (full quote)
16783 Keep that power running, or I will beat the living headlights out of you! (full quote)
16783 Whoa! major input! Be right back after these words! Input! Input! Input! (full quote)
16783 Wow... Megabites of input! just like Montana except... vertical! (full quote)
16783 I am in city? I was not told I was in city! (full quote)
16783 Derf, why did racso try to disassemble Johnny Five? (full quote)
16783 Hey you! Heeeeeeere's Johnny! (full quote)
16783 He did not crush, dent, smash, mangle you?! (full quote)
16783 *angry voice* Sure! Kidnap the humans! DESTROY THE machine! (full quote)
16783 1) am not human, but am a lifeform! have soul! Let's party! 2) what are you doing? You're not even in top form! I mean, these are serious guys! 1) I am ok, just a few b-bugs bunny to work out, in, out. Perfectly functionality, FUNCTIONALITY! 2) Sure, sure, just listen to yourself! You can't even talk straight! 1) Derf, a lifeform's gotta do, what a lifeform's gotta do! stand aside! (full quote)
  to be a hero I got be strong i got be be stong (full quote)
goldengod DOO WAH DIDDY!!!....what the hell's a doo-wah-diddy? (full quote)
  Do not disassemble (full quote)
  Dont worry my cousin was a harley davidson (full quote)
  Derf, why did racso try to disassemble Johnny Five? (full quote)
24986 Oh no, battery fluid...he's bleeding to death! (full quote)
10929 Holding out for a hero. (full quote)
10929 Bye bye love. (full quote)
10929 I heard it through the grapevine. (full quote)