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Talk Radio - 1988 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
bigcat58 And that Ricky Ricardo, man can he play the bongos! (full quote)
bigcat58 Glen, Glen, Glen, take my advice. Stop hangin' around with the pussy, go find some. (full quote)
bigcat58 I'm allowing the good folks of Dallas to have some verbal intercourse with the rest of the U.S.A. (full quote)
18472 And Remember, Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but words do Permenent Damage (full quote)
10929 555-TALK (full quote)
33945 There's nothing more boring than people who love you (full quote)
33944 Tell me ... I'm curious about something.... how do you dial a phone with a strait jacket on??? (full quote)
33944 [tagline] The Last Neighbourhood In Town (full quote)