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Waxwork - 1988 Movie Quotes

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  They won't mind if I go in for my lighter. (full quote)
15499 Raw meat. You do like raw meat? (full quote)
15499 China: Can't a girl get laid around here without being burned at the stake? Mark Loftmore:Anybody got a match? China: I do what I want when I want. Dig it or fuck off. (full quote)
15499 Mark Loftmore: One last thing before you kill us Lincoln! Mr. Lincoln: You know my name? Mark Loftmore: I should. You murdered my grandfather! Mr. Lincoln: You're a Loftmore! Old horror lord's grandchild. Well, well, well, what a coincidence. It's such a small world! Mark Loftmore: Well, then why do you want to end it? Mr. Lincoln: Somebody has to. (full quote)
15499 The Trouble with Dictators'. I think dictators are the bad people. They have the shouting voices, and the small moustaches. (full quote)
15499 Gemma: what's happening tonight, guys? Tony: Nothing. I gave up drinking. Sarah Brightman: The third time this month? (full quote)