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Disorganized Crime - 1989 Movie Quotes

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1990 #1 what do you have to lose? #2 MY TEMPER! (full quote)
1990 Montana! what the hell am I doing in Montana? Fucking bullshit. I need a drink! (full quote)
  Are you blind?!Salazar,he did this!He doubled back!The son of a bitch doubled back!He was probably watching us for the last goddamn hour!I'm gonna kill him! (full quote)
  Hey,what the hell was a big time operator like you doin'in a pissant little town like that?All they got out here is blue skies and cow shit. (full quote)
  A little hot,George? A little hot?! The fucking kitchen burned down,George! (full quote)
  Ohhhhhhh,shit! (full quote)
  He couldn't have gotten here before us.You take right side,I'll take left.We'll work our way up river til we find him.He's gonna wish he never pulled this stunt. (full quote)
  My wallet,my keys,my badge,everything!They're not fucking here! (full quote)
  what's a big time operator doing in a pissant little town like this. All they have here is blue skies and cow shit (full quote)
  We're going to find so we're going back to the car and I'm going to change my clothes and we're going to find you wanna know why? - Why?-BECAUSE HE'S FROM NEWARK TOO (full quote)
42119 Carlos, I think I just spotted number eight (full quote)
42119 This man never missed a dinner in his life (full quote)
  This is bullshit!Frank woulda been here to meet us. (full quote)
  No one's gonna know about this,we're gonna get that son of a bitch,be back on the road in half an hour. (full quote)
42119 1. So what the hell were you doing in a pissant little county like this? All they have is blue skies and cow shit. 2. (laughing) Cow shit. (full quote)
  Frank Salazar, we know you're in there. Throw out your weapons and come out with your hands on top of your head. You're completely surrounded, Frank. (full quote)
  Frank, this is your last chance. We're tired of playing games with you. You either come out now or we're coming in after you. You got one minute. (full quote)
  Don't forget who you're talking to. If it hadn't been for us, you'd still be in the can looking at ten years for grand theft! We went through a lot of trouble because of you! You owe us! (full quote)
  No games now Frank. You try and get smart, you'll be pissin' in your pants all the way back to Newark. (full quote)
  One big,happy family. And maybe we'll get together next Christmas. Remember the good times and warm friendly faces. (full quote)
  George: Shit! It's freezing! Bill: Hey,go slow. Don't rush. George: Shut up! You're not helping me! (Bill shrugs) George: Ah! Damn it! Shit! Bill: What? George: A sharp rock, OK? Bill(muttering):asshole. (full quote)
  I'm leavin' the bags right here,'cause I'm not playin' bell boy, you know? (full quote)
  All right, it's shitty! Is that what you want me to say? It's a big, stinkin',shitty,snotnose situation. I'm not happy about it. But it's what it is and it's all there is. And if you expect me to stick my gun up my ass and pull the trigger, forget it. You do it, you go drink yourself to death if you think that'll help. I'm goin' after him. I'm gonna find the son of a bitch. I'm gonna stick my gun up HIS ass and pull the trigger. (full quote)
  What's the point,George? We look like morons. Anybody who saw the news isn't going to help us. You know why? I'll tell you, 'cause they don't wanna look like morons, too. (full quote)
  You don't think Frank would talk, do you? (full quote)
  George:I can't go in.bill:Why not?George:I look stupid. (full quote)
  George Denver:Shit! (full quote)
  I guess I'm not as famous as you guys.Nick Bartkowski.Glad to meet ya.Now we can all be best friends,huh?Well,wake me when we get there.Then I'll get your fuckin'autographs. (full quote)
  Ray: Hey! He's taking the car! Nick's taking the car! (Ray trips over the fence.) Max: Shit! Ray: He's taking the car! He's taking the car! (full quote)
  Ah,back.Oh,boy.The dog sits in the front and we all go in the back. (full quote)
  Bill:George,don't drop the flashlight.(George holds on to the flashlight,but drops his jacket and pants.)Bill:Oh,sh- George:Hey,Bill!My clothers in the river!Get my clothes!(Bill starts running)Bill:Oh,Christ!George:Son of a bitch!Bill:What moron loses his clothes?George:In the fucking river!Get my fucking clothes! (full quote)