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Experts, The - 1989 Movie Quotes

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10929 back in the U.S.S.R. (full quote)
10929 Close to you. (full quote)
38628A I have been so busy with my studies I haven’t had time to go to bars. And I don’t drink. At sushi bars you eat raw fish, Miss Grant. (full quote)
38628A Tell me something. Have you ever heard of heavy metal? Of course, it’s a catalyst for Plutonium bombs (full quote)
38628A I’ve been to America. America isn’t like this anymore. Where’s your MTV? Your punk rockers? Your Rolling Stone Magazine, fuel efficient cars? (full quote)
38628A You can bunk with us. It’s not much but we’ll share it with you. Well at least you got the window! You should see the hole I was in! (full quote)
38628A Now doesn’t that strike you as odd. She’s speaking in Russian. Nah, that’s not Russian. The same thing Bonnie did when I popped her hood. Some sort of kinky Nebraska thing. (full quote)
38628A What makes you think you can trust Jill? Because Travis, there’s a look a woman gives a man when she really loves him. Did she give that look to you? Yes, a matter of fact she did. Well let me see it. No! Come on, let me see the look she gave you. I’m not going to do it for you. Was it like this, was it like this? Cut it out Travis. Look, I’ll meet you back here in 15 minutes. Or I’ll see you in prison in Siberia. Yeah right. (full quote)
38628A what are you in here for? Stealing condoms. what sort of monster would incarcerate a man for stealing a rubber? (full quote)
38628A Don’t worry kids, I’m just here to drain the blood from your parent’s bodies, then I’ll be on my way back to Transylvania. (full quote)
38628A You know what bothers me more than her leaving, taking the furniture or anything? It’s that the idea that she wrote it on toilet paper. I mean that says something that’s not in a note. (full quote)
38628A Wait a minute. I was here first and I demand consideration! First of all, you were not here first. And second, we did consider you, we considered you to be too intense, okay? Next. (full quote)
38628A Well do you have any experience bartending? Well no, but I do have a degree in chemistry, so I’m pretty good at mixing things up. (full quote)
38628A Travis we’re gonna transform this nightmare. This could be the biggest, baddest club opening you’ve ever seen. Mick Jagger, he gonna be there. Yeah. And David Lee roth, he gonna be there. And Princess Stephanie, she gonna be there! And Andy Warhol- He ain’t gonna be there! (full quote)
38628A Smithe, the key to modern America is Japanese products. (full quote)
38628A Wanna play football? Gimme five! All right! Now it’s shirts and skins. You be skins cause you got less to take off. Now you know there’s tackling involved, and there’s an exchange your body parts. I’ll do all the passes, you do the wide receiver. I hope I’m good. Trust me. Picked you some flowers. Flowers? Aren’t the guys usually supposed to do that kind of thing? (full quote)
38628A Travis this is no time to get sensitive. We're stuck behind the Iron Curtain you mindless pinhead! (full quote)
38628A I’m required to terminate you. Bonnie, look this is no time for sex games. The gun it’s an exciting touch and everything, but really I don’t think there’s the time. I’m a KGB operative. I was assigned to be your girlfriend. I am now assigned to blow your brains out. (full quote)
38628A -You didn’t by chance have delivered those goods to Mister Smith did you? -Smith! Bob Smith, yes and my reward for being a good soldier is to get thrown into this stinking hole! (full quote)
38628A I was born in this town, I drive a Chevy and my favorite show is The Honeymooners. I don’t know if that makes me an American, a Russian or what. But I’m not going to stand around and watch any friend of mine get shot! (full quote)
38628A Don’t! Don’t be stupid! what are you going to shoot any of these people for? They haven’t done anything wrong! In fact neither have Travis or Wendell! Up until yesterday they thought they were in Nebraska for God’s sake! I’m the one who brought them here, Jones. If anybody should be shot, it should be me. (full quote)
38628A Gimme this gun this is a man’s job! (full quote)
38628A -This isn’t going to work Yuri. I look way too masculine. I don’t look like a real woman. -You need to be well hung, like a Russian woman. (full quote)
38628A I’m so excited! We’ll be in America and we’ll get an apartment, we’ll get married and we’ll make lots of babies! (full quote)
38628A -I thought the whole purpose of this was to try to defeat the materialistic, capitalistic lifestyle that Smith's experts are now infecting the town with. -what is your point? -No point, just an observation. -Keep your observations to yourself. (full quote)
38628A We could play seventy-six trombones then we can do a twist! They’ll be playing John Philip Sousa, for the twist, you need Chubby Checker! (full quote)
38628A Wendell and I have a little announcement to make. After serious thought, and consideration, we’ve come to a decision. We are immediately defecting to Russia. Yes, we are…capitalist pigs…and up until now bent on dworld dwomination. World domination. What did I say? You said dworld dwomination. (full quote)
38628A Did we die Travis? Did our plane go down and there were no survivors? We can’t be dead, we just got up. Well then what happened, Mister Know Everything About the Afterlife? I didn’t dress myself in these pajamas, somebody put me in them. It was probably a chick. You probably got laid and didn’t even know it. . (full quote)