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K-9 - 1989 Movie Quotes

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14279 Wow! what a movie! Lov it! (full quote)
18023 I'm coming. I just want a running start before I hit the pavement. (full quote)
18023 I'm coming. I just want a running start before I hit the pavement. (full quote)
10929 He's not just a dog. He's my partner. (full quote)
  Dooley: Sorry we're late! Ken! This is a bitching pad man! You got a swimming pool in your dining hall, I gotta get one of those! Ladies & Gents sorry we're late I couldn't bring Tracy so i've brought Jerry Lee. Lets try the wine, (tries it & spits it out) this wine sucks! Is this crystal? (smashes glass) didn't here the ring, dont think its crystal. Lyman: I guess we should all just do as he says Dooley: Not WE, YOU Lyman: The man is obviously confused & upset Dooley: Upset? Do I look upset, im not upset! Im a party animal I love parties Ken, but I thought for a murderer, drug dealer & a kidnapper I thought youd have more class. Wheres the music? the sound? & the lightening in here, it sucks! (shoots the lights out) Thats better sets the scene! Whos that Ken (points at ice sculpture) that what you do in your spare time, between murdering, kidnapping & drug dealing? Who is that Ken is that you? Nah, thats Zeus (shoots sculpture & it breaks apart) I hate mythology. You see a lot of you people look like very nice people, it just surprises me that your mixing with scum, you know the kind of scum that kidnaps my girlfriend Lyman: Your making a big mistake Dooley: (pointing gun at Lyman) This look like a mistake? Where is she? (full quote)