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Kickboxer - 1989 Movie Quotes

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6906 You bleed just like mai lee. Mai lee, Goooooooooood Fuck. (full quote)
641 Don't step there. (full quote)
  im in the best shape of my life! im a better fighter than i ever was, than you ever were! (full quote)
  im in the best shape of my a better fighter than i evr was, than you ever were! (full quote)
  I want tong po! GIVE ME TONG PO!! (full quote)
  do you want me to break my fucking leg? (full quote)
  Xian: I tell them u say....they no good fighters, and that thier mothers have sex with mules! Kurt: YOU WHAT!? Xian: ohhh make them very angry! figh hard...good training (full quote)
  Xian: revenge is a dangerous motive Kurt: Is also a powerful one. (full quote)
33501 Nuk Soo Cow. (full quote)
  Legs? He was kicking one of these with his fucking legs and the plaster was falling down! (full quote)
43274 Don't do it, Eric, Don't do it. (full quote)
  dont worry (full quote)
  You're really serious about this Mooey Thai shit! (full quote)
  Winston: I might know someone who'll train you, names Xien, lives in the mountains Kurt: will he do it? Winston, i don't have anu fuckin; idea! (full quote)
  Reporter: Hey champ how come you don't use a trainer anymore? Eric: I got my kid brother in my corner for now.He says he's gonna be a vet, i say he's gonna be a lawyer, or im gonna kick his butt! Reporter: Now that youve beaten everyone there is to beat, whats next? Eric: Take on the worlds best, show 'em whose boss. Reporter 2: What about Thailand? Eric: What about it? Reporter 2: I understand kickboxing was invesnted there, and they're the best at it. Eric: Oh really? Kid book us a flight to Taiwan Kurt: Bangkok............ Eric: Bangkok, Taiwan, Tokyo, whats the difference? Im kickin' ass wherever i go! (full quote)
  Eric: You sure had it easy with mom in Europe. dad never let up.If i wasnt the best in every sport i played, he'd call me a loser. He was always on my case, but he made me strong. Kurt: you know Eric, mom, she was a very special lady too. She wanted me to learn 3 languages, to take ballet before i learn karate. I really miss her. Eric: I wish they had been there to see me win the championship. Kurt: Well big brother, they could never get along, but im glad we do. (full quote)
  Kurt: I want Tong Po Winston: Forget about it! im not signing your death warrant too. Kurt:Just tell me where he is. Winston: God damn it no! I dont want any fuckin' part of it! Go home! Wait your 3 months and go home where your safe. I dont want your blood on my hands, i got enough already! Kurt: He's going to pay for this, you hear me?! I'll find him, i don't need your help. Winston: the only way you'll find him is inside the ring and you are not good enough!! Kurt: no matter where, i'll get him. Winston: You dont understand. You go after him outside the ring and we're dead, all of us! He's too valuable to them!The only way is inside the ring and like i said, you aint good enough. Kurt: we'll see, ok? We'll see, we'll see.............. (full quote)
  Kurt: what do you want? Winston: You're really serious about this Muay Thai shit! Kurt: what do you think? Winston: I think you're outta you're mind, and if i cant stop you i might know someone who'll train you........... Kurt:Someone? Winston:Maybe...... Kurt: Who? Winston: theres only one person crazy enough to put you in a ring with a Tong Po. Names Xien, lives out in the sticks. Kurt: will he do it? Winston: i dont have any fuckin' idea! Thats youre problem, i just know how to find him. Kurt: lets go! Winston: what if he doesnt take you? Kurt: He will, lets go, now! Winston: Now? fuck now, we're drinking now! (full quote)
10929 Don't step there. (full quote)
10929 Don't step there. (full quote)