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Phantom of the Opera, The - 1989 Movie Quotes

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  Everyone dies, I only choose the time and place for a few. (full quote)
  This can either be a wedding march, or a funeral mass. You decide which. (full quote)
  only love and music are forever. (full quote)
13901 Had you expected someone else? Christine, you have always been my inspiration. You. And now, it's only a question of what you want: Love or music? (full quote)
13901 1. You are a thing from hell! 2. And you sir are hellbound! (full quote)
13901 I like it better in the dark. The night is far too short as it is. (full quote)
  Faithfulness is not a quality that I admire in you, Christine. Desire is only a demon, Christine. Hell is getting what you desire. (full quote)
18628 Everyone dies, I only chose the time and place for a few. (full quote)
18628 Better submerged in bath water than mediocrity, don't you agree? (full quote)
18628 The night is far too short as it is. Christine... My name is Maddie. Tonight, your name is Christine. (full quote)
18628 How was the opera tonight? An inspiration. (full quote)
18628 Still hungry for an introduction? Just open your purse. And what will you trade? Steel...for gold. That hardly seems fair. (full quote)
18628 There is nothing to harm you here. (full quote)
18628 There is nothing you could ask that I could refuse. (full quote)
18628 You see nothing but my shadow. My heart is overflowing. (full quote)
18628 You love the music. I am the music. Our souls are one. Now you are married to the music. You cannot serve two masters. Tonight you'll be my bride. (full quote)
18628 Perhaps kicking your ass would would brighten my spirits. (full quote)
18628 No alcohol, Davis. And keep your eyes off the women. (full quote)
18628 Who is this man? I must know! You must not. (full quote)
18628 what will you trade? Everything has its price. (full quote)
18628 what will I think when I see you? You'll just...die. (full quote)
18628 only love and music are forever. (full quote)
18628 I think you were getting a eyeful of Christine. You had your hand down your trousers when you should have been minding the ropes. (full quote)
18628 People will love you for your music. But that is all that they will love you for. (full quote)
18628 are the angel. You are my voice. Together we'll have London at our feet. Christine, come to me, and I will give you everything. (full quote)
18628 Up there, those are the actors and the costumes and the scenery. They don't know the soul of the opera. In your dressing room, I could only teach you the words, the notes. But I an teach you the meaning. (full quote)
18628 1) Do you believe in God, Mr. Dutton? 2) Yes. 1) Good. Because it's going to take a leap of faith for you to understand what I'm about to tell you. The Phantom is real. It has a name. Erik Destler. 2) But that's just a story. 1) I know the legend as well as you. He sold his soul to the devil so the world would love him for his talent. The devil had a price. He mutilated his face so terribly, that no one could stand to love him ever again. 2) And it's said the only way to kill the Phantom is to destroy his music. 1) I don't believe in phantoms or legends, Mr. Dutton, but I do believe in facts. And the fact is, this man, this creature is still alive. Still alive and living under your opera. (full quote)
18628 Your father has sent me. I am your angel. ALl of your lessons have led to this moment. We will make music that the world will love forever. Take the last step to me. To your destiny. To immortality. (full quote)