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She's Out of Control - 1989 Movie Quotes

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  Now, what have we learned today? I learned to never, never ask my dad a question he doesn't have the guts to answer. (full quote)
  Doug: Who was that kid? Janet: Andy, from down the street. Doug: Nah nah, the one in the skirt. (full quote)
  Doug: Who was that? Was that, that Joey kid? The kid with the flying saucer truck? I saw the earring. You couldn't make a date with your father, you had to sneak a boyfriend into. Katie: Dad, when I broke a date with Joey he thought I was dating another guy, he followed me here. Men are so insecure! (full quote)
  Orthadontist: Katie, these braces aren't due for another two months. Janet: Yank em, (full quote)
  Bonnie: So, dad. What do you think? Perfect, right? Doug: Yeah, wow! Yale, perfect! At last, perfect! home by 11, perfect! I, uh.... wait a minute. Chapter 52: He's too perfect! (full quote)
The Raven Timothy): You teasing little bitch! Katie): Thank you Timothy, that was beautiful and special. (full quote)