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Tango & Cash - 1989 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4956 So who do you think set us up? I don't don't know shit. (full quote)
2049 Shame. Shame. Pony Tails are out this season. (full quote)
  Did you bump uglies with my sister? (full quote)
6941 1)Who the f*** do you think you are?? 2) He thinks he's Rambo! 3) Rambo is a pussy. (full quote)
clarkins Rambo is a pussy. (full quote)
clarkins FUBAR. Fucked up beyond all recognition. (full quote)
9794 Can we bring Mr. Potatoehead (full quote)
circelli17 I hear you're the 2nd best cop in LA. (That's funny I hear the same thing about you.) (full quote)
circelli17 I know you... loved you in Conan. (full quote)
circelli17 There's something I want you too know too. If you dont make it I AM going to date your sister. (full quote)
19412 Don't flatter yourself, peewee. (full quote)
19412 1) You crazy guy! I come here from Perestroika! 2) Welcome to America (full quote)
tenar dont look now but we're about to get FUBAR'ed!, what the hell is FUBAR, FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGITION! (full quote)
  1)I've been on it for three months that makes it my case. 2)Well I guess that shows how stupid you are because I've been on it for about half an hour and now here I am all caught up with you. (full quote)
  1)When this is over, remind me to rip jumbo there's tounge out. 2)With a tow truck (full quote)
  1.Oh shit it's Conan. 2. Who 1.It's Conan 2.We're gonna get fubar now. 1.what the hell's fubar? 2.You'll see. (full quote)
Mombasa My contribution to birth control. (full quote)
Mombasa Rats in a maze, trapped in a cage. (full quote)
Mombasa Lucky for me this room is soundproof. That way nobody gets to hear me beating the truth out of you. (full quote)
skydragon cash: When we get outta here we need to pay jumbo a visit, I'll bring the chainsaw. Tango: And I'll bring the beer. (full quote)
skydragon cash: Don't look now, but we're about to get FUBAR. Tango: What's FUBAR? cash: You'll see. (full quote)
skydragon Cash: Did that little episode last night give you a brain meltdown? I dunno about you but I have a slight aversion to getting FUBAR!!! Tango: What the hell is FUBAR? Cash: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition!!! (full quote)
skydragon Tango: Shame shame, don't you know pony tails are out this season? How ya doin cash? cash: Ohh, things are gettin' better by the second. Tango: You know there's a party on the roof. cash: Can we bring potatohead? Tango: Sure, would'nt be a party without potatohead. (full quote)
Deb cash (after Tango hands him a gun): Oh, wait a minute! Why is yours bigger than mine?! Tango: Genetics , peewee! (full quote)
10929 Well, if it isn't Armani with a badge. (full quote)
10929 I'll be a good girl. (full quote)
  Mr Tango has spoken very eliquently and I wish I could be as forgiving...... but i can't...... cause this whole thing...... FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!! (full quote)
33944 - cash?! - yeah? - Owen isnt family, is he???!!! - .....maybe.. - ..... thought so... (full quote)
33944 --- Can we bring Potatohead here? --- sure.... wouldnt be a party without Potatohead (full quote)
33944 Mr Tango has spoken very eliquently and I wish I could be as forgiving...... but i can't...... 'cause this whole thing...... FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!! (full quote)
10929 best of what I got. (full quote)
10929 Let the day begin. (full quote)
10929 Don't go. (full quote)
10929 It's no crime. (full quote)
33944 1/ Did you sleep with my sister? 2/ oh man.....! 1/ Did you bump uglies with my sister!!!?? 2/ *bump uglies* ??? Oh pleaseeeee 1/ Did you sleep with my sister??? 2/ Honestly... I was so drunk, I don't remember 1/ I'm going to kill you 2/ C'mon *worse cop* ... we're late (full quote)
33944 1/ You are one major mistrustful mal-ajusted human-fucking-being, you know that??!! 2/ yeah and I love you too!! (full quote)
  1/ You broke.... THAT jaw? 2/ I was having a bad day!!! (full quote)
  Wait a minute!!! I don't wanna be killed by that goddammn limey jerkoff!!! I wanna killed by an American.... jerkoff!!!!! (full quote)
  We never talked about Plan C, asshole!!!!! (full quote)
  cash: OH don't worry about him he misses his wardrobe, Tango: I do miss my wardrobe. (full quote)
  You broke that jaw? (full quote)
Boomstick 1.) My sights were off. 2.) Mine too. (full quote)