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Teen Witch - 1989 Movie Quotes

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2946 You think you're hot stuff cause you went to a dance! DREAM ON! Nobody wants to date you because you're a dog, A DOG, a.... (he shreiks) (full quote)
2946 He pressed his lips against mine, but he didn't stop there. Soon, every inch of my body was covered with BRAD'S Kisses. (full quote)
2946 I was just kidding Randa, I really do like your hair. (full quote)
2946 You know, Randa, I think the whole world can see your boobs! (full quote)
4049 Sparky sperm is loose, and he's headed for the target, Edna the egg, and when he reaches it, he makes a baby! (full quote)
2227 Supersonic, idiotic, disconnected, not respected, who would ever really want to go and top that! (full quote)
2227 Look, you're too lazy to even cover your roots! BUt out BItch!! (full quote)
2227 Strange things will start to happen, but you must trust me. You trust me?? (full quote)
2227 Omni regare suminarooooooo (full quote)
2227 Think of this as the ultimate test of your acting ability...Don't be Louise, be Aundean. (full quote)
4499 Louise, Louise! I prepared you a wholesome breakfast. Here's your mornin' paper, I took the liberty of iironing your homework. (full quote)
  you know randa, i think everyone can see your roots (full quote)
  Break a leg Kiki (full quote)
  I'm hott, and your NOT! LOL!!!! (full quote)
  LOUIIIIIIIIIIISE! You turned me into a dog LOUIIIIIIIIIISE (full quote)
  I'm hot and you're not, but if you wanna hang with me I'll give it one shot. Top that! Top that! (full quote)
29466 You will receive these powers on your 16th birthday. Strange things will start to happen, but you must trust me. (full quote)
30217 The real magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make ANYTHING happen (full quote)
30217 1.Brad, you have so many fine qualities that have nothing to do with football. 2.Do you think so? 3.I know so. (full quote)
30217 1.This is a bad idea. I can't go to the dance with you. 2.Why? 1.Look, why don't you just go with Randa? 2.Forget Randa, I wanna go with you. It's only natural. 1.But it's not natural. I can't go to the dance with you. Don't ask me why! (full quote)
30217 1.No, the prom. Randa brings it up everyday. what are we going to wear, where are we going for dinner... 2. Why do you stay with her. I mean, she seems so superficial. 1.She's the most popular girl in the school. 2.Popularity really counts then, doesn't it? 1.Sure (full quote)
  I like boys!! (full quote)
  I wish he would just look at me (full quote)
  I wanna be the most popular girl. (full quote)
  I am here to teach (pause, takes sheet off blackboard) Sex education. (full quote)
  Brad, kiss me darling. I wanna feel your arms around me. (full quote)
  *Louise, no one's coming to your sweet 16* (full quote)
  auchentum popularum sinsarummmmm (full quote)
  A roger, a loved one, joystick, dong, zipper-lizard, tallywacker, trouser-snake, shlong! (full quote)
  No ones coming to your sweet sixteen party Louise (full quote)