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Wizard, The - 1989 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3505 AAAAAH! HE TOUCHED MY BREAST! (full quote)
Splent I love the power glove. Its so bad. (full quote)
Splent - I know what you were going to do and you can just forget about it. There is no way; I am NOT kissing a boy. - A girl, maybe? - You smart ass. (full quote)
Splent Hi. Im Haley if you don't tell me what you are doing Im going to scream. -Could you scream quietly? (full quote)
Splent 50,000? You got 50,000 on Double Dragon!? (full quote)
Splent -what the hell are you doing? -I can't believe this! (grunt) I got the scroll weapon, and I almost beat Mega Turtle at the end of level 3 (grunt) -You got the scroll weapon... He's losing his mind! (full quote)
  California... (full quote)
Splent 1.)Where are we? 2.)Does it matter? We're broke! 1.)oh, yeah! You're the one with all the trucker friends! The who knows all the codes! 2.)A lot of faith you got. 1.)Oh, would you stop, Haley? I mean aren't you just a little scared? 2.)I don't get scared! Now give me the 4 bucks you're holding out on. 1.)What? 2.)You flashed 21, you stashed 4 from the change at lunch. They didn't get it because you put it in your shorts. Now dish it up. 1.)You're getting awful personal you know. (full quote)
Splent I got these Power magazines to help Jimmy so he could learn the tricks of each game. (full quote)
Splent Nobody's better than Lucas. Lucas... is awesome! (full quote)
Splent 1. Hey it's the wizard! We wouldnt wan't you to wiz on someone. 2. Let's just hope it's you. (full quote)
Splent 1. Zelda. 2. what? 1. Yeah. It's like the Adventures of Link. He has to find Zelda, you have to find a house. Same difference. 2. Boy is that sexist. 1. It's not sexist. It's romantic. (full quote)
23347 1) I love the Power Glove. It's so bad. 2) Yeah, well, just keep your Power Gloves off her, pal. (full quote)
  Corey I always wondered what he kept in there. It was her. Jimmy Jennifer. (full quote)