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Arachnophobia - 1990 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
9577 Oh my gosh, they got the professor! (full quote)
  thats right...i'm bad (full quote)
  honey I'm having a seizure! (full quote)
  honey Im having a seizure! (full quote)
  honey,Im having a seizure! (full quote)
28008 Honey - Im having a seizure!! (full quote)
MaggieForMargaret 1: There ain't no spiders here. 2: Look! There's a giant spider web over there in the corner. 1: Well yes, a spider web would reveal an arachnid presence. (full quote)
  (John goodman) I collect beer bottles myself, I gotta '82 miller bottle with a misprint on the label; the husband might wanna come take a gander. (full quote)
  1. It`s dead, shit! 2. what could`ve killed it? 3. The shock of seeing Lloyd? -CEN- (full quote)
10929 Rock and roll! (full quote)
10929 Respect is fine, but I've always wanted to be feared. (full quote)
  darling, I've been killing spiders since I was thirty (full quote)
33944 Take out bad wood, put in good wood (full quote)