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Flight of the Intruder - 1990 Movie Quotes

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3923 1.Movie officer whats the movie tonight?2.Uh They shoot horses dont they. sir3. It's jane Fonda sir.1. Any skin in it? 2.No sir 1. Cancel it. (full quote)
3923 1.Movie officer whats the movie tonight?2.Uh They shoot horses dont they. sir3. It's jane Fonda sir.1. Any skin in it? 2.No sir 1. Cancel it. (full quote)
3923 Do it sandy I would do it for you. (full quote)
3923 1.Does it matter? 2. Hell no Cole, Virgil Cole. (full quote)
  (1) YOU THink this changes anything?.......You hoodlem!!.....I GROUNDED YOU!!! (2) HEY!!.. I am on the ground! (full quote)
  (1) Your running with known sycopths now....Who am I Razor? (2) Your third generation Mafia Sir. (1) WRONG!!! You rodent..... I AM A WEAPON SYSTEM I WAS BUILT WITH THIS SHIP AND THERE WAS A cost OVER-RUN!! LEUTENANT RAZOR DISSSSSMISSED! (full quote)
lifesaver63 The Phantom Shitter is a phenomenon that occurs on a carrier in combat that dates back to WWII. And this morning a teard was found in the XO's ashtray. This means it isnt no fighter jock, IT IS AN A-6 DRIVER...CAUSE NObody ELSE COULD HIT THE XO'S ASHTRAY. (full quote)
lifesaver63 Dont laugh. he's your new wingman. (full quote)
lifesaver63 This is gonna be the most fun you'll ever have with your pants on Doc. (full quote)
lifesaver63 Actually Sir, I think we're gonna lose this one....But I do love the work. (full quote)
lifesaver63 Normally I'm blabby, but I sat on this one. (full quote)
lifesaver63 1) Get a fighter pilot to do it. 2) Are you a fighter pilot. 1) You dont ask a man if he's a fighter pilot, if he is he'll let you know, if he's not, don't embarass him. 2) fighter pukes make movies, bomber pilots make HISTORY. 1) prove it Ass-Hole (full quote)
lifesaver63 Say goodbye asshole....EJECT EJECT EJECT.. godbye asshole (full quote)
lifesaver63 Hangin is a punishment not much in use Mr. Grafton. But a prison term in Levingworth is or a Dishonorable Discharge should a Court Martial so decide. Either way, it's safe to say your career in the Navy is over. Only question is how. (full quote)
lifesaver63 I know what you hit, the Air Force knows what you hit, so does General Yow and the entire Communist Union, but know one is gonna admit it. So as far as this Navy is concerned, YOU DIDNT KILL A RAT! (full quote)
lifesaver63 I'll keel haul your ass, and thats serious on an aircraft carrier. (full quote)
  You pilots go out alone and you don't come back. Well, he wasn't alone, and he did come back. (long pause) I was with him (full quote)
38042 Alpha Mike Foxtrot (full quote)
marvin mcgoo Sometimes when you fire your missiles they turn off the radar,but the missile remembers the target anyway.Mean little bastards aren't they. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo I know the difference between dieing for a reason and dieing for nothing. (full quote)