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House Party - 1990 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
3923 I smell pussy. (full quote)
  Hey, you- Eraserhead- (full quote)
2431 i guess we would smell like p*ssy to a bunch of D*CKS!!! (full quote)
  If I were You I'd kick his fucking ass (full quote)
  im from a town called fresh off a cops ass and u are making me home sick (full quote)
  freeze, negroes! (full quote)
  Yeah, I did it, so what? Cry two tears in a bucket, F*** it!! Let's take it to the stage!! (full quote)
  Why on earth would you call his mother a garden tool? (full quote)
  Don't say nothin. If you see me in the street just don't say nothin. (full quote)
  switch!!! (full quote)
  Step to the stage. Too late, I blew it up! (full quote)
  what's Play's mama doing with a dress like this? She oughta give this to me. (full quote)
  I told you to go over there, way over there. Man, you bump this table again, I'ma kick your fucking heart out. (full quote)
  where that boy at? Head look like an Eraser (full quote)
  Yall stopped me cause i'm a black man, on a black block, on a black night. You wanna bust my black ass.. (full quote)
  I don't know why them parent be namin them kida them african names, Knowin damn well they aint from Africa (full quote)
  I've got the car key, the house keys. Parents down south, way down south. We're in! (full quote)
psnmztaeizhere yo" this punk muthafucker throwing shit at us. (full quote)