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Marked for Death - 1990 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
7857 Hey bway! Somebody almost dead tonight! (full quote)
7857 1. One thought he was invincible, the other thought he could fly. 2. So what happened? 1. They were both wrong! (full quote)
circelli17 You've got 5 seconds... and 3 are up. (full quote)
  EVERYbody MUST DEAD!!! (full quote)
10929 I have a message for you from Tito. He say for you to meet him.. in Hell! (full quote)
33501 Welcome to I island. (full quote)
  skrufase ave two heads and four eyes, and thats the secret to his magic! (full quote)
  me want hatcha dead,ya can't do it, me do it meself (full quote)
  screwface gimme a tousand werse deaths than you.... (full quote)
  Screwface: Everybody want go heaven. Nobody want dead. Afraid. (full quote)
48626 let no man eer steer from the path (full quote)
hlomax Screwface: "I want Hacha DEAD, I want is famalee DEAD, if you cant kill'em, I gone kill'em, din I gone kill you" (full quote)