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Night of the Living Dead - 1990 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4049 They're us. We're them and they're us. (full quote)
4049 You're boss down there. I'm boss up here. (full quote)
4049 You can't get any reception in the basement, dickhead! (full quote)
641 GOD..DAMN YOU!! GOD DAMN ALL OF YOU!! (full quote)
23502 I am not going to lock myself in there Cooper. You be boss down there I'll be boss up here (full quote)
  what in the name of Jupiter's Balls are you doing out here alone lady? (full quote)
KoolKatt 'They're coming to get you, Barbara.' (full quote)
KoolKatt 'OK, he's dead, that's another one for the fire.' (full quote)
  whatever i lost, i lost a long time ago and i do not plan on loosing anything else. You can talk to me about loosing it when you stop fighting with each other like a bunch of two-year olds. - barbara (full quote)
  This is our house, this is tommie's house. And you're not going to play rooster with it? what are you gonn ado when we kick you the hell out (full quote)
  ...You gotta, get 'em in the head (full quote)
  you wont be able to start it..johnny has the keys! (full quote)
  We have to get her to a doctor! (full quote)
  Cooper! I got a shotgun out here. You open this door, you mother fucker, or I swear, I'll blow it to shit! (full quote)
  what'cha gonna do, Cooper, that's two!? (full quote)
46800 They're horny, Barbara. They've been dead a long time. (full quote)
46800 None of those yo-yos has a car! (full quote)
46800 In the middle of nowhere with a bunch of yo-yos. (full quote)
46800 They're crazy. They're out of their minds. You bunch of yo-yos! (full quote)
46800 They're so slow. We could just walk right past them. We wouldn't even have to run. (full quote)