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Postcards from the Edge - 1990 Movie Quotes

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5046 -I was such an awful mother...what if you had a mother like Joan Crawford or Lana Turner? -These are the options? You, Joan or Lana? (full quote)
5046 -Do you remember my seventeenth birthday party when you lifted your skirt up in front of all those people? -I did not lift my skirt, it twirled up! You only remember the bad stuff, don't you? what about the big band I got to play at that party, do you remember that? No, you only remember that my skirt accidentally TWIRLED up! -And you weren't wearing any underwear. -Well! (full quote)
5046 1) I do not like this particular side of you! 2) I'm not a box, I don't have sides. This is it, one side fits all! (full quote)
5046 Do you always talk in bumper stickers? (full quote)
5046 1) He can tell your sensitive by the contents of your stomach? 2) I'd have to be sensitive to need all that dope. I'm tempted to marry him so I can tell people how we met. (full quote)
5757 Doctor: Suzanne, we're going to have to pump your stomach. Suzanne: Do I have to be there? (full quote)
5757 We're designed more for public than for private. (full quote)
5757 It's like Mr. Mayer used to say: Never let 'em see you ache... or was it ass? Never let 'em see your ass... (full quote)
5046 1. I'm in it for the endolfin rush. 2. Endorphin. 1. whatever. (full quote)
7795 Suzanne- Instant gratification takes too long. (full quote)
  My skirt TWIRLLED up! (full quote)
2857 That is such bullshit. Women are always saying it's not the fact that you left, it's the way that you did it, it's not that you fuck around, it's that you lie about it, and you're all so full of shit. It IS the fact that I fuck around, and it is that fact that I WILL leave. (full quote)
2857 (1)what is wrong with your hair? (2) Oh, it's the latest look in the rehab. (full quote)
17938 Has anyone ever told you that you smell like Catalina? (full quote)
24366 1) Do you need blood or urine? 2) I think urine would be fine. 1) Well do you have a little cup I can put it in? 2) I think I'll just have the nurse drop by...well it was really good to see you! (full quote)
24366 (Reads the card on a flower arrangement) Ahhh....they're from the guy who pumped my stomach!! (full quote)
24366 There isn't enough *mommy* in the world to further a cause like yours. (full quote)
24366 You sure do stink purty! (full quote)
24366 1). what about the bedroom scene? 2). If you have her on her back as the screen indicates...her boobs are going to go into her armpits! (full quote)
10929 --You said you loved me. --I meant it at the time. --Well what is it, a viral love kind of a 24-hour thing? (full quote)
10929 Sing one of your old numbers from my act. (full quote)
10929 --I have nothing to say. --The same cannot be said for the rest of your family. (full quote)
10929 I don't want my life to imitate art. I want my life to be art. (full quote)
10929 --So, how long have you known Suzanne? --Oh, about a month. Seems like longer, though. --I know what you mean. I'm her mother and it seems longer. (full quote)
10929 I am so glad that I got sober now so I can be hyper-conscious for this series of humilations. (full quote)
10929 --Can I ask you something personal? --Sure, you mean asking me who I have sex with isn't personal anymore? What are you going to ask me, if I smoke? (full quote)
23753 Relax. They're blanks, asshole. (full quote)
8051 Do you always talk in bumper stickers? (full quote)
10929 How many 120-year-old women do you know? (full quote)
42152 Instant gratification takes too long. (full quote)
42152 Oh... are you black? (full quote)
10929 'Never let them see you sweat.' That's what Mr. Mayer always said - or was it 'Never let them see your ass?' (full quote)
phstorm08 Do you mind if I have a drink? -Do you mind if I take acid? (full quote)
phstorm08 Dear, I hardly think my drinking can be compared to your drug taking and even if it can I think your involvement with drugs has vindicated me. (full quote)
phstorm08 Does that ring a bell? -It's ringing something. I'm not quite sure it's a memory bell... (full quote)
phstorm08 Sorry dear, but you know how much the queens love me. (full quote)
phstorm08 Where are you going? -I'm going to cut an album okay. I ' m going to have some fibroid tumors removed okay...I'M GOING TO F!@#ING LOOP! (full quote)
phstorm08 Mom, it's just sometimes I feel like I'm not talking to you...I feel like I'm talking to your drama coach. (full quote)
10929 This is my time. This is my movie. (full quote)
10929 Let's do the shot. (full quote)
10929 They found tumors...Fibroid tumors. (full quote)
10929 Yeah, you just like it because it sounds a little like movie dialogue. (full quote)