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Quick Change - 1990 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
bigcat58 Nude women! Nude women! Clowns welcome! Clowns welcome! Nude women! Clowns welcome! (full quote)
bigcat58 Let's see Miss Meryl Streep try to vomit on cue, huh? (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Are you gonna hit me now? 2) No. But if you're leg is broken we're going to have to destroy you. (full quote)
bigcat58 MISTER Lombino? (full quote)
2946 Oh, it's bad luck just seeing something like that. (full quote)
2946 what kind of clown are you?! - The crying on the inside kind, I guess. (full quote)
2946 You said nothing about a hydraulic tilting body!!! (full quote)
2946 1.)Was that our plane? 2.)No, if it were our plane it'd be crashing. (full quote)
5172 If I can sleep ten days and nights in a rice patty, I can certainly last in this lousy bank! (full quote)
5172 (1)I said we're closed, Bozo. (2) I wouldn't . . . and that's Mr. Bozo, okay? (full quote)
5172 (1) You've got a gun. Shoot them. (2) I want to, but they're fur brained. I'd need some kind of permit, wouldn't I? (full quote)
2489 If I can sleep ten days and nights in a rice patty, I can certainly last in this lousy bank! (full quote)
2489 Thank you for using AT&T. (full quote)
2489 Button it up, pal. Nobody likes a whiner! (full quote)
2489 I'm sure no harm will come to me once I'm inside the bank all by myself. (full quote)
11527 you could have given us help instead you have given us so much more! (full quote)
Demar 1) what the hell kind of clown are you? 2) The crying on the inside kind I guess. (full quote)
  BLAFTOOMI (full quote)
8837 And then he said 'Yo baby up your butt with a coconut.' (full quote)
14806 1) Have you looked back there? I don't think they care! 2) I look back there every night friend. That's why I conduct my own affairs in a clean and hygenic fashion. (full quote)
14806 1) With that injured individual? I cannot give you a precise measurment on that. 2) Well, give me a guess then. 1) 21 minutes. (full quote)
  You hear me, there's a DEAD MON, 38.82, send squad car NOW! (full quote)
  You don't even know colors do you? (full quote)
13896 Do you have exact change? You need to get some help...your turning into Ralph Kramden's evil twin. (full quote)
13896 Nobody does this to Russ Crane...Nobody does this to Mrs. Russ Crane!!! (full quote)
18048 Johnny : This ain't my dick in your back. Grimm : Well that's a relief. (full quote)
20017 It's bad luck just seein' a thing like that. (full quote)
10929 Oh sir! You forgot your map! And out millions of dollars! (full quote)
10929 -A real man? Who has to use a gun and hold people prisoner? You're not a man. You're a coward. -She does not speak for the rest of us, Mr. Clown. We think that you are quite brave and manly. (full quote)
10929 Oh, we're really making good time now. (full quote)
10929 -Now, we're going to find a familar street soon. -I'd settle for a familar borough. (full quote)
10929 --Look, I'm just an old man. --Really? --Yeah. (full quote)
10929 --At least give me the women. --Get your own women! (full quote)
10929 --Listen, I've had just about enough of your comedy, Clown. We're coming in through the plate glass. --Allright, I gotta hang-up now because I gotta go kill everybody. (full quote)
10929 --It was an accident, Phyllis. --Oh, you know, so was Chernobyl! (full quote)
10929 I'm sure no harm will come to me once I'm inside the bank all by myself. (full quote)
  I was in Nam with a jerk like you (full quote)
  Oh this is a fucking nightmare! (full quote)
  I saw a sign Phyllis. (full quote)
  He said baby, up your butt with a coconut except I saw no coconut. (full quote)
  1)It's bad luck just seein' a thing like that. 2) it's just two guys sortin' some things out. (full quote)
  I asked for a tilting hydrolic body. This is not acceptable. (full quote)
  I THINK HE WAS PREPARED TO DO IT! only I saw no coconut, he had no coconut to my knowledge. (full quote)
  Bora Heir To??? THE GOD DAMN AIRPORT!! what DO YOU HAVE SHIT IN YOUR EARS??? (full quote)
  Use of spouse as a shield! (full quote)
  Why do I want this fucking job? (full quote)
10929 --what's that smell? --Used wine. (full quote)
10929 --I was in Nam with a jerk like you. --Oh, boy. (full quote)